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It is a pleasure for me to open a feedback thread for Afrikane.

He is a very serious buyer. He paid instantly and our communication was quick and crystal clear.

I would not hesitate to deal with Afrikane anytime again.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! ... as a reliable and nice head-fier.

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I want to concur and add to Afrikane's reputation.

Not only is he extremely friendly and generous to deal with, but he is very knowledgable too. He has extensive experience within the head-fi arena in terms of various equipment (amps, DACs, cans) and always provides insight and great advice.

Look forward to any future dealings with him which may arise.
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My turn to emphasize on afrikane's great generosity.
He is always available to help, what a lovely headfier !
I hope i ll have the oppurtunity to deal with him one more time.
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Afrikane is a really great guy. I was the lucky recipient of the K701's from his giveaway. Winning this probably made me one of the happiest people alive. If ever you have the chance to do business with Afrikane, I can't see any reason you wouldn't go through with it. Very generous and kind fellow.
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This is the second time I've done a deal with Afrikane and it has been nothing but an absolute pleasure. Always courteous, prompt to communicate, and I had the opportunity of testing extensively before purchasing. There'll be no hesitation for any future dealings.
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Absolute Best Transaction Experience To Date!!!

Big Hearted as all of Africa, Intelligent as a Sage, Generous, Wise, Educated, Enlightened, Well Read, Significantly Historical, Consistant, Well Mannered, Spiritual, Ahead of His Time: Afrikane

I am used to both phenomenal $2000 transactions with Head-fi and it's business contributors, and ,also, with a vast amount of gear purchased and sold in the proaudio world, and the eventual, dark, proverbial, ripp-off scenario that finds it's way to us all...

Never have I found a higher degree of a wealth of ability, honesty, and straight-shooting-transaction-pleasure than in the likes of Afrikane of South Africa. I hate to make such a blairing, high-ended, feedback, both because I have dealt with some wonderful head-fiers to date, and because I am now left with no room for possible improvement to offer another in the forum exchange of respectable feedback...

But "Honor to where Honor is due". Afrikane takes the crown!!!

HE60/HEV70 + Stax Adapter Cable + Flight case + extra Stax cable
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Bought some expensive headphones from Kane, very helpful with great communication. For an overseas transaction, everything went very smoothly. Highest recommendation.
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I purchased Kane's W2002's.

In terms of the equipment, everything was at least as described. A+

In terms of dealing with Kane throughout the sale, everything was as good as it gets. He, as any regular head-fier knows, is generous, knowledgeable, and just downright nice.

He gave me many weeks to decide on these before offering them up to the public for greater profit.

If this all wasn't enough, he express shipped them in a huge protective box from South Africa to the middle of the states. Wow.

In other words, stop reading this and go do business with him!

Thanks Kane, for everything.
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I received my 006tMk1 from Kane, which was immaculately packed and safely delivered in good time! Thanks so much for the 006tMk1; my 404/003 are singing very nicely

It has been an absolute joy communicating with Kane, who is always enthusiastic, courteous and willing to help. Thanks again!
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Kane is an amazing asset to our community. I've sold two high-priced items to Kane in the last year, and he is a terrific buyer that offers great communication, fast payment, and makes sure you are completely compensated for any additional shipping expenses for shipping to South Africa. If you are hesitant about shipping internationally, do not think twice about shipping to him.

But there's more... Kane sent me an upgraded Senn cable for absolutely free. It was extremely well-packaged and arrived faster than most things arrive from across the US.

It's a pleasure dealing with him and I hope he sticks around head-fi for a long time to come.
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All of Afrikane's previous feedback is truly deserved. He was a pleasure to deal with. Communication was excellent throughout the transaction. My deal with Afrikane involved a substantial amount of money across international borders, yet everything was easy and painless. He possesses a true head-fi spirit, so I cannot recommend him enough.

Thanks again for everything.
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This is the first time I talked with Kane. Kane bought a pair of philips tubes from me. His communication was excellent throughout the transaction and friendly. He paid super quick and straight. Quite a great headfier to deal with and nice to share experience to. Hope he get his tubes safe from Canada to South Africa and enjoy them.

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Kane ordered a custom HE60 to Stax 5pin Pro adapter. He was very easy to work with and payment was instant. I would not hesitate even for a minute to go through another transaction with Kane. Enjoy your HE60's the way they were meant to be herd!

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I sold Kane a Stax SRD-7 PRO. Communication was really great, payment went fast and he made no problem of the little delay I caused.

Really great guy to do business with and I will happily do so again
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Kane sent me a pair of senn 650s,

He kept me up to date with all shipping details and showed great interest throughout the transaction.

It was a pleasure to deal with him and I would recommend him to everybody.

Hope to do business again in the future.

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