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anyone have heard this brand?
any review?
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You know, I don't think I can imagine how a pair of headphones with such name may sound...
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I've heard only second hand impressions from friends and such, but from the sounds of things the bass is big but the general sq is lacking
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Lifestyle brand

I have their CD player, the 360. It's cool looking, but functionally not that great. The line out is so weak it barely drives an amp. The built in headphone amp is crap, and on top of that, the remote unit which you plug the phones into is designed so no "good" headphones will fit. I had to buy a cable from Radio Shack and shave down the plug to get it in.

However it is very thin and stylish looking.

Like I said, this is a "lifestyle brand," not an audiophile brand.
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I saw some at Fry's the other day, but none were available to listen to. Judging by the packaging, I wouldn't expect much.
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My friend owns a pair of Skullcandy Ti headphones that he bought off of ebay for 60 CDN. I listened to them briefly and I can agree that the bass is bloated and very loose. The midrange is okay, and will be satisfying for listening to rock music. The highs are not quite as detailed as I'm used to hearing them, but still its usable. The soundstage isn't quite as great, but it shouldn't matter too much if you're going to use these headphones for rock.

The build quality of the headphones isnt all that great. The headband is just a cheap fabric stuck onto the white plastic material at the top and it feels very flimsy and it doesn't seem like it will last too long. The earpads aren't that comfortable as they aren't circumaural, and they gently squeezed my ears when I tried them on.

Overall, this definitely isn't the best value in this price range, but my friend only bought these headphones because they looked attractive.
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Everybody who wants to look "cool" and has now idea of audio-equipment, has these (almost everybody has these).





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Night of the living dead?

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There's plenty of Skullcandy-bashing here already.

Thread closed.
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