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HELP!! Adding mics to gaming headphones?

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I've got a question...is there any GOOD way to add a microphone to any decent gaming headphones? MDR-V6? AHD-950? HD-495?

I need SOME IDEAS people! Ones that don't cost $300!!

(READ THIS LINK for why!)

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Instead of getting mics built for a specific headphone, why not buy the ones that go around your neck like a necklace...they aren't that expensive and I would think, suitable for gaming.
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Like what? I'm not familiar with those...got any links?
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Well now that I re-read the post and went to the Sharky forum...I really don't see why good headphone mics are need for gaming... When I used to play at a LAN (back in '97-98), I would just yell at my other teammates..

Then again, games have changed...so I don't really know what goes on nowadays.

It also funny to see how the Sony MDR V### are regarded as "the best" ... or when someone claims that they "...love [their] Plantronics LS1.... [and that the] only thing id give it up for is Sennhaaissers"
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Oh sorry, I don't have any links...but I can try finding some
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Here are some:

I like the collar mic, but I don't see a price...
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Quality mic? Nah.

All you need is something good enough to play Tribes 2 over a DSL with.... You know? Something that will happily plug into the back of a sound card, and work without that much tweaking. So you can be able to talk to your team when they are spread out over 12 different states.... Or the people at your LAN party, seeing as how freaking CLOSED teh mdr-V6's are...

So, like, how is it possible to do that?
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I have no idea what this is, but I think it is only $4 US...


I believe it is a clip-on mic, so I think you clip it on your shirt....
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Nah, what you want is the dual throat mics, like the military uses........I'd love to find a set of those to play with, just to see what they can do.......
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Dual throat mic?

Yah, it would be more convenient if I didn't have to lean over everytime I wanted to talk.

Hmm, I have a spare mic that was detachable off a cheap and free headset. Maybe I'll have to make a DIY collar mic!
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Don't see why you couldn.t DIY some.Possibly using the $1.99 Radio shack electret microphone elements (though unidirectional is probably better),battery box to bias the mics and a simple gain stage.I would probably add a VOX (voice operated relay) to the circuit so it would only be "on" when talking ,or at least a noise gate (Analog Devices combo mic preamp/noise gate chip SSMXXXX)

Attaching them ? Some small diameter aluminum or brass tubing (brake line material ?) , large enough in diameter for the mic cable to snake down it.I would cover this with heat shring tubing to keep mic noise down , plus add a small windscreen-also from the shack.Sticking it to the headphone-

option # 1 : since the entire assembly would be very lightweight you could epoxy a good size alligator clip to the shaft , clipping the whole thing to a convenient spot on the cans

option #2 :More permanant- drill a small hole somewhere on the earpiece and then seal the area with silicon caulk,maybe there IS a use for the Grado Button

Use your imagination man , should not be too hard to do this

Rick Out
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search for microphones, click on mini multimedia microphone. I got this, took off the ear loop, busted out the earpiece, and glued it onto the side of my gaming phones....works like a charm.
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it's pretty simple to make a cheapo one. the $1.99 rat shack mic's that rick mentioned are pretty good (though they're omnidirectional... usually computer mic's are noice cancelling or cardiod to get rid of background noise, you can get some of those from digikey for cheap) and use a hanger for the boom. cover up the mess with some heatshrink. and finally some creative hanger bending can make a good clip to attach to your cans.
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