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best phones for under 35$

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Ok i need a quick recommendation. I am going to go to store tomorrow evening and get a pair for my sister. I know all the phones in the world arent at the top few electronic/comp stores, but I'll give it a shot with what you guys throw at me.

I would LIKE inclosed, 30, or 40mm.. but if you guys say different, i will consider someone whacky. =)

I saw some sonys, seinheisers, koss, and some unusually cheap inclosed 40mm panasonics yesterday while walking around.

help me out please with some advice! thanks in advance.


ps. I can only spend about 30-35$.
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Is this at some Circuit City/Best Buy or something?

Maybe the Philips SBC HP550 or the Koss UR20/UR30 would work for ya.
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The Koss PortPro for about $30 shipped. Not enclosed, but sounds pretty good for the money.
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Get the Koss KSC-50 for $15. You won't be sorry. Read HeadRoom's praise here: http://www.headphone.com/layout.php?...&subTopicID=14
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I definitely agree with the Koss. You can also look at the Sennheiser MX-500 (or MX-400) if you're interested in earbuds.
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HI: If you go to borders book store they have the koss pro for 20.00
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If you can get them, I strongly recommend the Koss KSC-35's (possible the Porta-Pro if you can't).

I also have the MX-400's and Sony 888's and, although they are good earbuds, they cannot match the sheer musicality and depth that the Koss models offer.
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