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What headphones do you have, and what do you still want? - Page 47

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Originally Posted by Duggeh View Post
Heard At Meets:

Livewires IEMs
I thought Livewires were customs. How did you listen to them?
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HD 595
CX 300

K 701
HD 650
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Sennheiser HD420

All the following are Sony MDR- and do not include bundled phones/buds that come supplied with my units:

NC60 (JE Version)
D777SL (JE Version)
EX90SL (JE Version, 2 of them)
EX85SL (JE Version)
V300 (3 of them)
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My "want" falls into two categories--what I plan on buying, what I'd buy if I saw for a good deal (targets of opportunity).

Etymotic Research ER-6i
Audio-Technica ATH-AD700
Yuin PK3

beyerdynamic DT880
Etymotic Research ER-4P
Audio-Technica ATH-AD2000 (someday)

AKG K240 Sextett
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Have: HD650 & TripleFi 10

Wants: RS1 & UE11
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Have: proline 750, AD900

Want: ED9
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Originally Posted by scompton View Post
I thought Livewires were customs. How did you listen to them?
Ears which by happy change, were very similar in shape. The seal broke every time I smiled or talked though.
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Grado SR325i
AKG K518
Grado SR80
Koss Portapro

Want :
Sennheiser HD650
Sennehsier HD25
Grado RS1
AKG K701
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Eytmotic 6i broken =(
UE Super-Fi 5 Pro broken too =(
Shure SE530
Grado 60
Audio Technica ath-a900
Sennheiser PX 100

AKG K701 and a good amp
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What headphones I want to listen:

Sony SA5000
Audio Technica AD2000

If I ever get a chance to listen those two for short while, I would be happy. Otherwise my rig is complete, but those two headphones might yield some possibility of upgrade over my current rig.
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Stax SR-Sigma - came in today, looking forward to auditioning them
Stax SR-Lambda - Wonderful headphones, they do very little wrong and ton of things very very right
Stax SR-Gamma - very good headphones, but a level below Lambdas
Stax SR-303 - Wonderful headphones, compete with SR-Lambdas head to head. Dynamics on these are the best of all of my headphones, simply explosive
Stax SR-001MK2 - excellent headphones, great tonal balance and warm midrange

Yamaha YH-1 - good cans but cannot match modded YH-1
Yamaha YH-1 (ericj modded) - compete with Stax since they are almost as fast, they got Gamma beat in some respects. The only had thing it the soundstage
Fostex T20 v2 - I modded these and they are just as good as YH-1 and have excellent bass and mids together with superb transient response

Jecklin Float 2 - huge soundstage a bit to warm sounding and unfocused
MB Quart Phone 85 - Love these, huge soundstage. Great analytical sounding cans. Don't have deep bass and it's a shame
MB Quart Phone 70 - good closed dynamic headphones
Audio-Technica ATH-A900 - very versatile, sound good unamped
Audio-Technica ATH-SJ5 - nice portable headphones, a bit colored

Etymotic ER-4P & P-to-S cable - very balanced and flat sounding, great for commute, tiny


K340 - I loved some things about them, but they have a lot of issues. The tubby reverberation killed them for me, they just had to go
AKG K280 - nice headphones but a bit too dark and muddy for my taste
HD600 - I used to like them, not that I have Stax not so much
HD500 - very muddy
HD433 - cheap and not that bad for the price
Magnavox 1A9217 - good entry level stats, a bit unfocused
Audio-Technica ATH-EM7GM - not bad at all, but the fit killed it for me
MB Quart Phone 15 - OK, but nothing special, typical MB Quart sound
Stax SRD-4 & SR-40 - good entry level Stax, but other Stax do everything better

Lots of other cheap headphones and buds.......


SR60 - don't like
SR80- don't like
Stax SR-X - I cannot makeup my mind about these, need more time with them
Stax SR-404 - sounded almost exactly like SR-303 to me
Yamaha YH-100 - great headphones that improve a bit on YH-1
Realistic Pro 30 - good ortho phones that have potential
Koss A250 - very fast and acurate, but a bit bright for me
Koss ESP6 - did not like these at all
Koss KSC-75 - nothing special IMHO
HD650 - see HD600
AKG-K1000 - did not like the un-headphone like nature of these, I rather listen to my speakers to get this kind of presentation


Yamaha YH-1000
Yamaha YH-100
Precide Ergo 2
MB Peerless PMB1000
MB Peerless PMB500
Koss ESP-950
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Stax SR-007BL
Stax 4070
Stax SR-404
Stax SR-Lambda Pro (stock)
Stax SR-Lambda Pro (modified -> no backwave damping)
Stax SR-X/MK3 Pro
Stax SR-X/MK3

Stax SR-Omega
Stax SR-007MK2
AKG K1000

Changes from last time.
* Now have a Stax SR-X/MK3 Pro
* No longer want the HE Audio EH-1.2B
* Want the Stax SR-007MK2
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Koss Sportapro
Equation RP-21
Zune Premium Buds

JVC Marshmellows (hated)
Variety of $40-$60 Sony Buds (who hasn't)
Creative EP-630 (boomy)
Koss The Plug (Favorite canalphones so far)
Panasonic HJE-50
Mylarone X3s (lent them out and weren't returned)
Skullcandy Smokin Buds (****)

Sennheiser HD 25-1-II
Denon D1001
Sennheiser HD595
ATH A900

Should I Come Upon Sudden Fortune:
Denon D2000
ATH A2000
AKG K701
An amp of some sort
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Beyerdynamic DT-880
Denon D2000
Altec Lansing iM176
Koss KSC-75
Sennheiser HD-25 I

Alessandro MS-1
Alessandro MS-2

Want/Would like to try:
Alessandro MS-Pro
Grado RS-1
AKG K701

Possibly Sennheiser HD600/650s
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