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What headphones do you have, and what do you still want? - Page 42

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i have the hd650 and the d5000. would really like to have a w5000 soon.

maybe after my upcoming amp i could squeeze some more out of my wallet and get them ats
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Have (and like a lot):
ATH-W1000, the most comfy closed headphone I`ve ever tried. I also love the sound, with some subtle Eq these really sing!
Sony MDR F1, the most comfy open headphones I`ve ever tried. (As you can see I value comfort highly, as I often spend hours listening).

AKG K501, nice, but at the time I also owned the magic K1000 so...
AKG K1000, absolutely magic midrange and treble, super detailed, but sadly the lacking level of bass just couldn`t do in the long run. Also the most demanding set around of source and amp.
AKG K270, not that good really.
A bunch of cheap Sony/AKG stuff, nothing worth single out.
HD600, nice sound, a bit mellow maybe, didn`t like the design/comfort.
Grado 325, wow, really upfront warm engaging sound, absolutely hated the complete lack of comfort!
K340, as I can recall, really good at the time (ca 1988), but I couldn`t get the money needed.

Would like to test/get:
Beyerdynamic DT770 and DT880
Stax SR-007 system
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I want to try a pair of Grado 325's and AKG K1000's.
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Have (and love):
- Ety ER6i
- Grado SR60
- Eggos D66

Owned (and sucked):
- Shure e2c

Want (in order):
- Jumbo Grado bowl pads
- Denon D2000 or A900Ti
- Go-Vibe Petite
- Grado 325i
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Sennheiser HD650 and HD580
Grado Sr-225
Koss Ksc 75
Shure SCL4

Grado RS1
Grado PS1
Sony SA5000
Sennheiser Orpheus (I can dream)
Audio Technica W5000
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Shure E2c
Shure E3c
JVC Marshmallows
Koss Pro-100 (Kinda in pieces but functional)
Yuin Pk2 (not really mine, but I have experience with them)
Alessandro MS-1

Would like to have (or at least try):
Headphones higher up the Alessandro/Grado line
Something that isn't Grado (ie. something with soundstage)
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Koss KSC-75
Koss KSC-55
Yamaha YH-100
MB Quart QP-55x
Accura SR-660

Sennheiser earbuds (forgot which model)
Grado SR-225

Sennheiser PX100
Sennheiser HD555
Grado SR-325i
Beyerdynamic DT990
Beyerdynamic DT880
AKG K271

Piezoelectric headphones
SR-007 MK2

Yeah, long lists of stuff... hahaha
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Time for an update.
Grado RS-1
AKG K701
Sennheiser HD650
Sennheiser HD595
Sennheiser HD590
Ety ER4S

Had but lost:
SE530 (boohoo for me - also lost my iPod Nano)

Grado SR-325i
AKG 271K
Something from Stax
Some Audio Technica Woodies (cause they're purty)
Darth Beyer V3-C-O
Beyer DT880 (2003 model- I think they look hawt)
Grado PS-1
Grado HP-1000
Westone 3
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Have Er4s, HD600, UE 10pros, GS 1000

Want ue9, HFI 780, R-10
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have owned a bunch and tried even more. would like to have an extended audition with

- R10
- PS1
- HP1000
- K1000

nothing else interests me greatly.
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Stax SR-40

Grado RS-325 or Alssandro MS2i
Denon AH-D5000
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sony mdr-v7 (or something)

jvc marshmallows (i lost em)
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currently have audio technica ad-2000
want ultrasone edition 9, sony r10, sennheiser orpheus
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Want to try:
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lol i want to try everything. easy question. but if i had to pick something in particular now, i want to try high end senns with a good amp. like the 650. oh yea and it better have good cabling so i can hear it in it's glory.
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