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What headphones do you have, and what do you still want? - Page 40

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Grado SR80
M-Audio Q40

AKG 701
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Have: HD650, ATH-W2002, PX100, PX200

Want (to try, at least): Grado flagship (RS1, RS2, HP2, etc)
Taket H2
Stax (any)
Modded D2000
MDR-R10 (just one listen)
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Have: see sig.
Want: I don't know if I really want anymore. So far, between the 770 and 880, I'm pretty well covered.
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Ooh the thread has been revised.

Have:Grado RS-1, Sennheiser HD650, Sennheiser 595, Sennheiser HD590, AGK K701,Etymotic ERS, AKG P26S AKG P24S

Lost: Shure E500

Want AKG K1000, Stax SROmega, Stax SR-001, Westone 3 when they finally come out
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Have: In my sig

Would like: Some electrostatic goodness
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AKG K1000
Ultimate Ears 11 Pro

Sony MDR R10
Audio Technica ATH-W5000
Audio Technica L3000
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I have a have/want thing in my sig, but that's more of a value, budget minded setup.

I have the ep630s and bose IEs

I want the Beyer dt880s, Ultrasone HFI-780s, Denon D2000, and/or AT ESW9. I really only want 2 of those 4. The Ultrasones and ATs are portables sorta, so one of those and either the denons or the beyers for home/transportable.
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got AD700s

Want some DT880s, some Grados/allesandros for metal.
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Got Shure E500 PTH's, but really miss the highs, don't like the fit/look of the triple.fi's, so it looks like I'm going to have to wait for the Westone 3, when it eventually gets released.
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Senn PX100: My initiation into good sound. I loved them for a year, and then came the HD-650 and made me unable of enjoying PX100 (or my mid-fi sony, or mostly anything) as before.
Senn HD-650. The best I have heard untill now.

Grado SR 225: For metal and rock, although I havent ever tried them, "the consensus" says they are good at it. If I grow fond of them I might go for one of ther Big RS Brothers.

Curious about:
Electrostats: too expensive, I prefer not to get to know them, just in case I like them
High-end IEM´s, but I don´t travel in bus or train, or see an occasion to use them anyway.
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have: see below
want: dt880, w5000, edition 9
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Have: Etymotic ER-6i and KSC-75.

Want: Westone 3, Grado RS-2 and Yuin PK-3
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Have mostly: Grado sr60, penguinamp
Want mostly: yuin pk2, freQ/LW but not as much
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Higher-end UEs
Westone 3
RS-1 or 2
AKG K701
Some kind of Senns
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I have;sr225,dt770/80 and pk-1 and pk-2.

I would like to try akg k701 and senn hd650
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