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Originally Posted by Azure View Post
Sony MDR-CD3000 -- Working on it
JVC/Victor HP-DX1000
Jecklin Floats Model 2
I got the CD3000 last week. I still wouldn't mind having the DX1000, and I'm still really curious as to how the Floats sound.
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I have Sennheiser HD650 and want Audio-Technica ATH-L3000. But it's not available anymore is it ?
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Have: Many dynamic: Senn 650, AKG 701, etc.
IEMs & buds: ETY, Yuin
Many electrostatic: most Stax, some Koss.
Avoided Grado and others to try and tame the addiction.

Want: AKG K1000 - will be arriving in one week. The addiction lives!

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Grado RS-2
Beyerdynamic DT-880
UE Super.fi 5 pro

Denon AH-D2000

I really want to stop buying as I can't really afford to venture into the extreme, so I've set the denons as my final purchase. We'll see how that works out, though...
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mdr700 returned them
bought hd600
bought sr80 gave them to a friend
traded hd600 for dt880
traded dt880 for hd650

want to have
darth beyers (zebra wood)
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Grado SR60
AKG k81dj
Crossroads Mylar x3
Sennheiser px200


Beyer DT880
Shure e4c
undecided between a Grado Sr-225 or SR-325. The 225 looks too similar to my sr-60s in my opinion to justify the price, hehe
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grade sr225
senn hd-555

beyer dt880, stock or darthed
lots of source upgrades
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Have: HD650, KSC75, JVC Marshmallow
Want: Westone 3, Westone 3 w/ custom fit
Had: DT770, K701, HD600, RS-1
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Sennheiser HD650
Sennheiser HD600
Stax SR-001
Stax SR-003
Stax SR-404
Westone UM2
Westone ES2
Shure E500
Beyerdynamic DT770
Koss A250
Audio-Technica ATH-A900
AKG K340 (bass-light).


Stax SR-007
Taket H2
Westone 3 custom
Westone 3 universal
AKG K340 bass-heavy
AKG K1000
Sennheiser HE90 (someday)
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Want (at least to try):
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I'm very happy with my rig as it's set up now. Everything positive that I had heard about the K1000s proved true for my ears. It seems my energetic curiosity is gone, at least for the time being.
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Looking for minty STAX SRX
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Got AKG 701 & Beyer 990. Looking for RS1/HD650...balanced though.
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I still have yet to buy a good pair of Grados. So far I've spent all my money on finding the right IEM.
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Nothing personal, just my naive preferences

Ranked by usuage and preference:

HD600: My favorite. They do everything right though pressure makes them slightly uncomfortable. A benchmark phone.
K501.1: K501 with K701 pads. A whole new ballgame. They're nearly as good as K701s yet more comfortable than HD600s or K701s. BP
K701: World class sound but lumpy headband makes them uncomfortable and it takes far too long to make them sing. BP
KSC-75:They shame far more expensive phones. BP
CX300: Love their comfort but tutti fortissimos blast them to oblivion.
E888: Yeomanlike sound. A comfortable and easily removable portable phone.

Have but don’t use very much:

Lambda Pros: World class sound but rarely listen to them because they're a hassle to set up. BP
US2200: Interesting but certainly not in the top three.
Ety4P/S: Sound great but potential tinnitus makes me stay away. BP
SR60: Surprisingly good even after 15 years. BP
IM616: OK. Kept them because they're cheap.
Eggos: Cute...well they’re cute.

Tried and returned:

325i: Limited SS and obvious HD600 superiority made me give them up but they’re still fun phones.
SA5K: Poor fit and strange sound make them way over priced at $370.
IM716: Sound too much like IM616s to keep.
iGrado: Muffled sound and very uncomfortable design. Returned after 15 minutes.
PX100: Muddy sound lacking sparkle.
AT Woody clip-ons: K501 like sound and seductive appearance but they wouldn't stay put so away they went.

Resistance is futile:

Stax SR-001 MKII: Must buy soon, today?

Curious but not curious enough to buy:

AT AD900: A pretty yet perplexing puzzle.
AT AD2000: An expensive lateral move?
Beyer DT880: Curious, but think I already have similar, but even better sounding phones.
RS1-2: Tempted, but are they just highly refined SR60s with an extended bass and a smidgen of sparkle thrown in to justify their exorbitant price?
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