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What headphones do you have, and what do you still want? - Page 34

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Have: KSC75, MDR-V6
Want: D2000 or Darth Beyer -and- AD700 or ES7
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What the!!!

A rare find has happen!! My Stanton DJ Pro2000 has broken in nicely (after 2 years of abuse) These cans were for DJ use only and never rigged up to proper home high end source/amp. But due to lack of quiet environment now i.e KIDS ( pro2000 has superb isolation) I gave the old girl a go (ahh quiet). Double take a few time here. I can say it actually sound just as good as my modified Senn HD580 (with HD650 cables) for its renewed use (may have open a can of worm here ). Was totally shocked the mids and Hi have such clarity & detail & space, which defy its enclosed design. The 580 kicks lower though and better resolution, just for now. The 580 will always be my reference when theres no distraction from the outside world.

Never though a set of DJ cans can even be compared to reference cans. I am truely amazed. Like a fine wine, will only get better with age HOW TRUE in this case. Now just have to wait till the Little dot MK3 tube amp to arrive. That will knock some sense back into me right ?

May want if the wife let me : Senn HD650 with Cardas cable.
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Grado SR-60
Sony EX-71
Sennheiser px200
ibuds, both old and new versions

On the way:

AKG k81dj
Crossroads Mylar x3

Want: (As in i hope to purchase at least one of these or all within a month or so)

DT880, the 250 ohms version, coz i dont think my go-vibe v5 can handle the 600 version
Grado SR-325
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Stax SR-007
Stax 4070
Stax SR-Lambda Pro
Stax SR-X/MK3
Westone UM2.

Stax S-001MK2
Grado SR80

Stax SR-Omega
Sennheiser HE60
AKG K1000
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I'm new head-fier, just have:
shure E-500 PTH
koss KSC-35
stock ibuds <- never use

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Ultrasone Proline 750/RAL cable
Ultrasone Proline 2500/RAL cable
AKG K701.

AKG K701/RAL cable : )
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Grado GS1000
Sennheiser HD600


Stax Omega II
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I was real happy with MS2i and HD600 for serious cans. With MS-1 for portable and for intimate stuff that the MS2i seems almost too "big" for, and of course I miss the KSC75 that the wife stole for her iPod. But, I really thought I was done.

Now all of a sudden I find I need another set, of closed cans this time, to help keep out the noise of the kids, and to give something tough and even more durable than MS-1 for the kids to use so they can keep their nasty paws off my MS-1!

There's about four or five good reasons why the MDR-V6 seems to be the ones.

...and after that; that's IT! No More Phones!
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Have: Shure e2cs, Alessandro MS-1

Want: Shure E500/E530 PTH, Future Sonic Atrio M5, Yuin PK1

My wallet is bleeding already LOL
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Stax SR-007 (Omega II)
Stax 4070
Stax SR-Lambda Pro
Stax SR-X/MK3

I am done...
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Sennheiser HD650
Drew modded Darth Beyer V2's
Sennheiser PX100w
Sennheiser HD590
Sennheiser HD280pro
Koss KSC75

I have no need for anything better at the moment since I can't afford to buy anything else.
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Denon D5000

My CD3000's back
HE90 (um. . . yeah).
Sony R10s (um. . . yeah that too).
A winning lottery ticket.
The ability to stop visiting this forum, which interminably fuels future headphone consumption.
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Stax Omega 2
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I currently own:

Heavily modded AKG K340 balanced
Beyerdynamic DT990 600Ω balanced
Chocolate Donuts (Orthodynamic woody customs) balanced
AKG K240 Sextett balanced
Equation Audio RP-21 modded
Stax SR-40
Fostex T-40
JBL Reference 220

I'd like to own:

Sennheiser HE-90
Stax Omega
Stax Omega II
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Have: HD 555, SR-60

Want: Proline 750, Darth Beyer/DT 770, HD 580.
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