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What headphones do you have, and what do you still want? - Page 30

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I'm still a bit of a newcomer to the Hi-Fi thing, so I'm still trying to figure out what exactly I like. The ones I have sound great for what I listen to (rock, reggae, acoustic), but I'm curious as to what the upper-end Grados sound like. And Senns; never even heard a pair.
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1) New top of line Sennheiser Headphone
2) 50th. Anniversary Audio-Technica Headphones

I'm not sure how long will it take for them to come out, but the new top of the line Sennheiser Dynamics should be very impressive.
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Sens HD545 (a nice old can)
Sens HD600 (my primary can)
AKG K26P (getting dust)
Ety ER6i (for use on airplane)

Want to try:
Sens HD650
AKG K701
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Grado RS1/2

ATH woody line up

that is all
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AKG K701
Super.fi 5Pro

HD650 <-- I don't actually want them, I just want to audition them.

Otherwise, I think I'm audibly comfortable (/edit: read satisfied) with what I've got
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see my profile

Want to have:
HMD 25-1; HD 280; HD 25-1; SE 505

Want to try (for longer period than the one in the store) and than maybie have:
MDR V700, Peltor HTB 79A, David Clark 10-00 (I know, the first one is widely hated here and the others are not proposed for music, but I just want to know the feeling wearing them); K 240 monitor, K 270
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have: senn hd-595 (open)

Just purchased today - Denon AH-D2000 (closed)

this site has started an expensive hobby for me.
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Have and Love:

Senn HD650
AKG K701

Purchased, awaiting delivery:

Grado RS-1

Would Like to Try:

AT ATH-W5000
Denon - AH-D5000
Stax - Omega II

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Koss Pro4X (in bad shape)
Sony MDRV600 (no cushions)
Koss PortaPro (2)
Koss KSC75's (4-6?)
Sony MDRV6 (beyer cushions)
Grado SR80
Various earbuds, mostly Senn's, Koss Plugs
Senn HD580

Senn HD600
Senn HD650
Senn HD25

A decent high-end Koss w/velour cushions instead of "Pneumalite"
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Stax Omega 2
Precide Ergo AMT
Jecklin Float 2
The Surrounder
Sennheiser HD280
B&O A8

Wanted to hear and getting/got to

JVC Victor DX-1000
Jecklin Float Electrostatic
Taket H2

Still want to try

Sigma Pro
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Beyerdynamic DT770/80 (first headphone purchased after finding head-fi and it has outlasted all other "mid-fi" purchases)

Grado PS-1 (will leave these in the will to someone worthy)


ATH W-100
Sony CD-3000
Grado HF-1
Grado HP2 (x2)

List of most wanted to try in order

Sony Qualia 010
AKG K1000
Grado GS-1000
Sennheiser HE90/HE60
Omega II
Allesandro MS-PRO
Grado RS-1/RS-2
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*takes a deep breath in*

Senn HD650, Senn HE60, ACS T2, Grado RS-2 (on the way)

AKG K701, Grado SR-325i, Shure E500 (x2), E4c, Beyer DT770-80 Pro, Stax SR-404, SR-003, Senn HD580 (HD600 grilles; HD650 cable; defoamed), HD555, MX 90 VC, Etymotic ER-4P/S, ER-6i (x2), Koss KSC75, Senn PX100, PX100 Retro Limited Edition, Altec Lansing iM616, Sony MDR-EX90

Already tried:
Grado SR-60, SR-80, Koss PortaPros, Westone UM-2, Grado HF-1, Senn HD600, TakeT H2, Precide Ergo AMT, Ergo 2, Stax SR-202 Basic, SR-007 (Omega II), B&O A8, Bose Triport, Jecklin Float 2, Flat Electrostat

Want to try/own and if I like it, keep:
AKG K1000, AT L3000, W5000, W2002, AD2000, JVC DX1000, Denon D2000/5000, Ultrasone Edition 7/9, Sony R10, 010, Stax Omega, Omega II, Senn HE90, TakeT H2, Grado RS-1, PS-1, GS-1000, JGrado HP-1/2/3

*recovers from hypoxia*

Thank goodness I'm only 19... My journey has only just begun
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Own: MDR-V6, MDR-7506, KSC75, KSC35
Want: SR80, MS1, DT770, DT880, K81DJ, K701, PX100, HD25-1, HD280, HD580, ER4P, SF 5 Pro, E2C, EP630, PK3...others
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All I have is the k240s, and I still want a bunch! (so far I decided on a pair of dt770's and maybe a pair of the px100 for portable use)

oh and either sr60 or s80 grados. Ive been curious about grados for a while
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Have: HD650, K701, HD280, KSC-75, ER-6

Want: L3000, RS-1, E500, ER-4S, UM2, SA-5000, Q010, MDR-R10, Omega 2, HE90, K1000, DT770, SR60, "SkyBeyer", GS-1000, HHF-1, HD595, HP-1000

Hmmm...thought there would have been more...
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