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Updated my list. Now that i have found my audio-bliss with DT880, there is only two headphones that i really want anymore.

Ultrasone Proline 750 or 2500 for gaming and bass needs.
Alessandro MS2i, or even perhaps MS-Pro for updating the Grado side of sound to same quality level as my DT880.
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DT990 Pro
K240DF (selling)


Someday DT990 '05 to replace DT990 Pro
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I currently have:

I'll hopefully be ordering an IEM today, probably ER-6i, maybe iM716

I'm wanting to try out (not with a strong desire... just one listen will do, to get the "taste" so to speak):
DT880 (Why don't people recommend the 990's?)
Some sort of Grado
Balanced 650
Some sort of electrostatic phones

As one might notice, I try to keep my wants at a realistic level. Nothing like an Orpheus or a Stax that I keep on hearing about.
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Stax Omega II, Lambda Pro, SR-X/MK3 and S-001 MKII
Westone UM2 and Grado SR80

Nothing at the moment!
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Headphile Darth Beyer V2
Beyerdynamic DT770pro 250ohm
Sennheiser HD580
Sennheiser HD280pro
Sennheiser HD590
Koss KSC75

Things that have peaked my interest within the past 6 months:
Headphiled AKG K340
Grado RS-1 with Headphile C-pads
Various IEM's that I need to do more research on. Keeping my eye on the Beyerdynamic DTX 50.
Sennheiser PX 100
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I have Sennheiser HD650s, Grado SR80s and Akg K27i.
I want Grado 225s, RS1s or RS2s.
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Have: Vintage Eggos (Sony D77s) and Vibes (plus sundry earbuds the best of which is the Senheisser MX90 VC).

Want: High end isolating IEMs. (I'm getting mighty curious about the Westone UM3s...)
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Have: Alessandro MS-1, Sony MDR-V6, KSC75

Want: Grado RS-1, Darth Beyers
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I have only got a pair of A130's but of course my lust to do an upgrade has increased since I started browsing these forums
I don't think that I will ever go really highend but the following phones are in my sight.

K-271 ATM the PC is my primary source so actually I kind of need isolation

That's all I can think of right now exept for some Grados perhaps, but I'm listening to jazz and classical the most so I guess not.
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have and want

: sony original walkman headphone (1st model) (tinny sound due to 20yrs.)
sony w.ear (mdr-gs55) broken
sony h.ear ex51 broken
philips she 9500 (using)

the E2c or E3c
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Senn MX500
Senn PX100
Panasonic HJE50
Westone UM2
Shure E4C

Custom IEMs (long term want)
[insert killer full sized can] short term want (please don't suggest anything. I don't want take over the thread)
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Sennheiser HD565
BeyerDynamic DT880 w/ Cardas Cable (2003 version)
Grado RS1
Shure E4C, E5C, E500

Custom ear-molds for IEMs...
Sony MDR-CD3000 (wanted a pair of these since they first came out - I may well be disappointed with my music preferences etc... but I won't know until I one day try out a pair )
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HD650 Equinox, Grace Five Two, Cardas

Curious about
DT 990 600Ohm
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koss ksc75
shure e3g
senn 580
alessandro ms2i
senn hd280
sony d66 eggos
ety er6i (come soon)

grado rs1
beyer dt880

want to hear
darth vs stock beyer dt770
better iems
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