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What headphones do you have, and what do you still want? - Page 20

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Have: Senn HD600, AKG K701, and Ministry of Sound DJ1001 (closed ear)

Would like to try / own Grado SR225

Used to own Grado RS-1 and SR325
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Grado SR-60
Senn 600 with-650 cables
Ultimate Ears ER-Pro
Senn 650 - Cardas cables

On Back Order:
AKG K701

Wish list without hearing them:
Grado RS1
Grado SR325i
Beyer DT880
In that order....
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Had: Look in my profile.

Have: Look in my profile.

Would like to try again:
AKG K1000
Sony R10
Qualia 010

Want to try for the first time:
JVC DX1000
Shure E500 (giving IEM's another chance)

I am honestly not willing to buy any of the 5 I want to try, but will just wait for a meet to try them out (again).

In the end I am pretty much set on headphones and source (almost done). Just need to build a Blue Hawaii and I will be done.

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What I have:


What I want:

K701 or K601
Super.fi 5Pro
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I'd like to try some HD650s..
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I want another HP-2
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Have: way too many as eveyone knows.

Just bought: Stax 4070 and Beyer DT990 custom verson with "Head-Fi Addiction!" as the inscription.

Thinking about buying: Ultrasone PROline 750, Ultrasone PROline 2500, Westone ES2 with custom art (either the "Keys" that they show on their website or possibly a picture that I send them of my MBL 101E speakers).
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Everything over $100:
Sensa 2x-s (brand new)

I'm done, no more, my wife really thinks I'm nuts now after what I just spent. I do have some interest in the new Shure E500, but I'm done for a long while
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The only headphone I still lust after is the AKG K1000.

- augustwest
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I have:
ipod earbuds
sony mdr-150? i think

I want now:
Etymotic er6i

I want someday:
good audio technicas
good AKG
maybe some grados
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what i have: Shure E4G

what i want: Shure E500
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Headphones I have are in my sig. The K701 is my favorite, but it can be too unmusical with a lot of music.

I wanted the K501, didn't think I would have a chance to get it, due to being out of production (I am too lazy and shy to buy used at the FS/FT forum). Then I noticed the zZsounds $99 deal a couple of hours ago, and I am no longer just wanting the K501 - I will soon be having it. I'M EXCITED!!! A NEW TOY!!!

I want to try out some Stax, probably a 3030 system.

I'm waiting for a K1000-like headphone to come out (once again, I am too lazy...etc.).
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Originally Posted by Zenja
Have - Alessandro MS-1
Want - Sony MDR-SA5000
Update - I have them both now and don't want anything for quite a while I'll work on amplification and cables maybe some time but I don't think I'll be looking for new headphones for a while. When I do, it'll be something expensive so I'll do it when I can afford it.
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SR-Lambda Pro
S-001 MKII

SR-Sigma Pro
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