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What headphones do you have, and what do you still want? - Page 85

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I have a few now but my main home ones are Stax SR303 and beyerdynamic ET1000.


Pretty happy with them to be honest.


Besides going up the ladder with Stax at some point and modding the ET1000 to circumaural, the only thing I'm really curious about right now are the new orthos - LCD-2 or HE-4/5LE/6 - I hope to get the chance to hear them all at some point.


Realistically, this hobby has hogged my disposable income pretty exclusively for a while now and my wallet could do with a holiday, especially as I'm now very satisfied with what I have.

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DT880'600 2x (modded and one almost stock)






The only thing I am thinking of buying is another Grado for modding purposes (a la the MS1000). So:


Grado SR-325

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D7000 - made me stop looking for a music and movie headphone. 100% satisfied

PC360 - made me stop looking into gaming headphones/headsets. 100% satisfied

KSC75 - hell, I just love them, and they still sound amazing to me. These are my work headphones (I work alone, but need to be able to quickly throw them off, when residents come in) 100% satisfied


Had: ugh, I don't wanna go into specifics right now, but I've had over 20 in just one year


Wanna try:


A Grado or Alessandro, but mainly these:





RS1i (mainly this one)




LCD2 (just to see why it's so popular)


XB1000 (70mm drivers, lol.... BASS god? I know I wouldn't want them, but I wanna TRY them)


High-end Stax (just really curious about them)


Ultrasone Pro 900 (S-logic.... I need to hear it, especially for gaming)


Beyer Headzone

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I have: modified/woodied Grado SR-80i, Head-Direct RE0, Miu MR2 Pro and Koss KSC75.

In the nearish future (this year or so), I want to grab the Fostex T50RP and Audio-Technica M50 to try out a few more flavors, a Grado 325 to put wooden inners in (or just a HF2) and some custom IEMs, I'm leaning toward 1964 Ears Triples. I also want the Sony XB1000, they are ridiculous!

One day, I just really, really want the Audeze LCD-2 and a pair of electrostatics.
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I have a pair of HD 598 (still the in the mail) and Bose iems. As I listen to mostly rock, I want to get some Grados to mod, probably SR 80i (the woodies ones look so awesome).


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I had wanted the LCD2 as my end game headphone.  Now my ears are *bleep* I think I'll have to stick with the Ultrasone.  My ears have been ringing for a week now so think they are properly done and won't get better.  *cry*


So my next headphone is probably going to be the HFI 2400 - open which should be even easier for my ears and my end game headphone will probably have to be the Ultrasone Edition.  Tho I don't like the look of either the 8 or the 10.  Probably the Edition 11 by the time I can afford to get it... and if I can still hear by then.  confused_face.gif


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I own three headphones, see signature and there's no need for another pair, but I'm still very curious about Kenwood KH-K1000 and Audio Technica W1000Xs, the latter especially :)



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I have K601's and RS1's, and just picked up a set of vintage Stax (SR5/SRD6), and now I'm done.  That's it, no more.


Well at least for the year.  For the month fer sure.  L3000.gif

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A little change.

My headphones are in my sig.


HE-6 or future hifiman flagship. The HE-4 has impressed me so much, I simply must hear what its superior brethren sounds like in comparison. Its to the point where I simply don't want anything better in a detailed phone other than its own sound possibly improving by going to the flagship.

A dedicated closed portable headphone that is also comfortable. I say I don't need one, but I still want one, lol. Must have a headband similar to the HE-4, 5, 6, where its incredibly low profile and conforms to your head. That and velours...

Te portable is nowhere near a priority.
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Only thing I want is the K501 and maybe the W1000X. I had bad experiences with the AD700 and ATH-AD2000's comfort, so I doubt the W1000X will work for me. I hope it's pads don't go flat or that my ears don't touch the driver. It looks like they finally got it right.


K501 seems impossible to find. I'd like to buy a pair, but not pay an arm and a leg.


W1000X new is too expensive for me unless I come across a good deal. I'd love to have a good wooden headphone with good mids for my Japanese music. D7000 sounds nice, but I don' know if i'll like it. A Denon D2000 with a little less bass and slightly more forward mids would be good to have. I imagine the D7000 is similar to that description, but maybe not.


If the SRH-940 is found at a good price, i'll give that a try too.

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Have :

Koss KDE250

Triplefi 10 pro



AH D1001




Ultrasone Edition 10

ATH W5000

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have: HD-25 - love love love
marshall minor - nice to have,nice fit and surprisingly nice sound

want: all of them!
in the real world, I´d like a nice set of open ones and a pair of custom IEMś

then I should be satisfied,at least for a while wink.gif
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Denon D7000
TMA-1 (For Sale)

ATH ES10 (Or W10)
Westone 4

That's pretty much my end all be all for headphones.
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Sony MDR-E888LP, after owning the MDR-300SL, RE0, MT, UE TF10 I still prefer the E888 after my honeymoon period with the newer earphones. I have the E888 for more than 5yrs and still working great.

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have srh 840

dt 770

m 50

want dt 880 and denon d2000  and maybe a pair of hd650s

oh and the new shure 940s

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