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ETY-4P Purchase

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After reading all the comments on this board I took the plunge and purchased the 4p's. I was really concerned about the microphonics everyone seemed to complain about and how comfortably they would fit in the ear. ( I had the Senn 500's) and I don't care how good they may sound, I couldn't keep them in my ear. I tried many other buds but again couldnt keep them in my ears. Big ears, little ears, who knows, they didnt fit mine.

Ok, popped the 4p's in, and souded kinda tinny. Feel wasn't bad but the light weight high end sound was disappointing. Whoops I didnt put the headphone plug in all the way.

Fully pushing it in,,,,Wham, I was in music heaven. I read somewhere that a listener had heard stuff on some of his music that he had never heard before....Amen. I am into PAt Metheny and he suggests listening to his stuff thru phones, and yes you hear so much of the small details float from the background. (bird chirps, small bells and percussion stuff). Listending to James Taylor October Rd you hear someone softly singing in the background.......Outstanding.

((((P.S I am into high end stereo for my home system and didnt think I could enjoy this IPOD- ETY-4p combo, but I am listening to them now, looking at my Krell, Dynaudio,Wadia stuff sitting idle.

As far as the microphonics, I use them on my treadmill (doing about a 4-4.5 mph stride and also just walking around town, sitting and cooling out, or just laying in bed. NO PROBLEM what so ever. The only time I heard anything is if I grab the cord and start shaking it back and forth.

The phones in the ear take about 10 minutes to get used to, but you will find yourself getting into the music so deeply that you forget about the strange feeling going. The second time I put them in, I didnt even notice the phones.

Well, overall I can't imagine much better out there, and although this combo is a tad pricey, I kinda like the feeling that no matter what else is recommended, it is not going to get much better then what I have. (something about diminishing returns).

Lastly, my only knock is that the cord is way to long for my needs. I imagine the folks at ETY made the cord longer so you can sit at home and listen across the room to your home sytem while lounging in your favorite chair.
Maybe they will come up with 2 different length cords, one for portable use and one for home use.
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Well, overall I can't imagine much better out there.....
Because it's not out there. One word describes ETYs best: INCREDIBLE!
Enjoy and welcome to Head-Fi, Fkelly5.
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ditto to everything!

except i'm looking at my Levinson / Dynaudio suff across the room

know exactly what you mean on October Road too....
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yo tambien, only with me I sitting hear in isolation heaven looking at my joule electra/merlin VSM system.
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Hey Robster, What Dynaudio's do you have?. I'm plugged into the 1.8's and absolutely love them.
WHEN TRYING TO DESCRIBE the low bass notes to friends and get them to understand hi- end equipment, i.e the truly good stuff lets you hear the real highs and the real lows) , I found a good example on the James Taylor CD "UP From Your Life" Hourglass, " that clearly extends down to the low bass. When I play this on my home system, the durn speakers sound like they are going to explode and stuff on shelves seems to shake. In the ETY's it just kinda like a muffled ooomph...I know the ety's arent meant to reach these depths, but this is more a sterling example of what to look for in speakers if you really want full range audio. which the Dynaudio deliver in spades.....
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Nice to see other Dynaudio fans. My rig is Goldmund Source/Classe Amps/Dynaudio 1.3 SEs & an ACI Titan II subwoofer. Love the set up, Danes know how to build speakers!
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