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just got my ETY 4P's--quick newbie question

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just got my ETY 4P's, and I do not see any markings on the box or the phones. How do I know I definitely have the 4P's as oppesed to the 4S? Also which is right and left? I am assuming RED is right but let me know if I am wrong.
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that's correct -- red=right, blue-=left
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In the middle where the cable divides from 1 to 2, on the 4S it is a silver color. 4S=Silver Red=right.
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And if it's a 4P the junction is green...
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4S has a shiny vinyl cable. 4P has a dull rubber cable.
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just got my ETY 4P's
So.............................waddya think?
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I really have to give it about two weeks but here goes: I am not floored, and I was hoping I would be. At first blush they don't seem to be that much better than my memory of the ER-6's and I returned those. They put an incredible amount of pressure on my ear drums. They do not achieve a high volume on my pcdp (Expanium 301) which drive my KSC-35's and EX-70's really well. They are incredibly detailed but if my opinion does not improve I will return these. I know I will get killed for this but my first impression is that I like my Sennheiser 280's better; more power, better soundstage, maybe not as much detail, but pretty close. Anyway I will give them a real audition but for $269 I want to floored amd so far I am not. I will make my final decision in two weeks.
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They do not achieve a high volume on my pcdp
Something is wrong then. IME, the KSC 35 requires more power to drive than the ER4P. Are you sure that you are getting a decent seal?
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The secret with the Ety's is to not put them in too deep. Although they are capable of greatly reducing outside noise, I have found that they sound their best when only lightly inserted into the ear (with just enough pressure to achieve a seal) and your ears equalised - in other words no impression of pressure from the phones.

You will know when you have got it right because the midrange will open up and everything will become simply more comfortable.

Earmoulds change the feeling somewhat as they go much deeper into your ear but the end sound is the same. Bear in mind that everyone's different - you may get better results with the foam tips - I personally prefer the impact that the silicone tips provide.
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In my experience if you shove them in too far they sound not as loud as they ought to be, and in fact sound muffled. In the first week of using them I kept on feeling that the right side was louder than the left; turns out this was an artifact caused by me always inserting the left before the right; by the time the music starts the left bud has had time to expand and slide back out a little bit and sound at its optimum while the right ear has not. The illusion was perpetuated when in my attempt to get the right to sound as loud as the left I keep on trying to shove it in further, muffling that side even more.

Now, if I feel that one side is louder than the other, I fiddle with the louder side instead, and all is well soon after.

Oh, and try the foam tips; they are an easier fit, for me anyway.
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They put an incredible amount of pressure on my ear drums. They do not achieve a high volume on my pcdp (Expanium 301) which drive my KSC-35's and EX-70's really well.
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Do yourself a favor and use the ETYs for about two weeks before making any judgments. It cetainly took me about that long to adjust to the ear pieces and to focus on the music. Once you do, there is just no comparison with anything else on an unamped, portable scale.

I do find the Etys problematic if I am really moving around (hiking/exercising) because of microphonics. In those situations I switch to the Koss 35s and yesterday my discount pair of Porta pros arrived. Both of these are OK but both also leave me longing for the nuance, detail and richness that I can only get with the Etys.

All you need is a little adjustment period. And it will be worth it!
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I've had my Ety ER4 for about two years and tried both the factory foam and silicon tips with mixed results. I found the silicon formed a better seal and had tighter bass but were less comfortable to wear for longer periods (my ear canals have a fairly accute bend).

I took Fixup's advice at http://www.fixup.net/tips/ety/ety.htm and tried out some drugstore pink foam rubber 33db earplugs, which I trimmed and fitted over the Ety transducers. I found I didn't have to insert them nearly as far in my ears to get a good seal and great sound.

They are much more comfortable and form a better seal than I ever got with the Ety silicon or foam offerings. They're cheap too. Once they're in, I can wear them for extended periods without discomfort.

Your milage may vary based on ear anatomy.
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Whoops. I meant silicone tips (you know, the rubber ones) rather than silicon.

Inserting silicon in one's ears would probably be very uncomfortable indeed.
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