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Kentucky?? (particularly Lexington)

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Hey all, I'm fairly new to head-fi, and I just moved to Lexington Kentucky, and I was wondering if there's anyone else in the area? I just bought a pair of HF-1's off the forum, and I have a Samsung universal player, and at the moment, my amp is the headphone out on my Denon receiver. I was wondering if there's people in the area who would like to have a get together sometime this summer? I will hopefully be getting a Singlepower PPX3-SLAM in a couple months so I might have that by then. I plan on building a dynalo as well, not sure which amp will come first yet though.

This is just an interest check to see if anyone is in the area. Most talks I see there's people east and south of here, and some North in Ohio, never any mention of Kentucky though.

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You still here in KY?
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If you want to meet up around spring break/summertime, I'll be at home in Kentucky, very near Lexington. I'd be able and willing to meet up. Hopefully, I'll have enough time/money to build a CKKIII by that time.

Summer break starts right after my birthday (14 may). Even if I do get an internship, I'd likely be there for a few days.

In any case, I'd love to meet up. I wonder who else lives nearby?

As far as the OP goes, e posts eir location as "Waterloo, Ontario" I'm still interested, though.
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