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Originally posted by Chivalry
hmm.. seems the beyer 250`s are lookin more and more favourable :0)... just to find a cheap pair now!
At this website, they're just under £100 (direct link here)

I'm sure though if you have a look online that they can be found for anywhere as low as £70
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best i can find is 90 quid deliverd still outta my price range atm!! DOH
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It all depends on what you listen to I suppose.

The 7506 is overpriced in the UK, the cheapest I've seen it for in a shop is £120, although there's a german site doing UK shipment which is cheaper. Search for 7506 on this site and you'll be able to find it. I haven't tried the 7506 for more than a bit - and they were brand new - so I can't give any qualified opinions on what they sound like.

The 250's are 'do it all' phones, which I don't think actually excel at anything. They are inoffensive though with anything, sound perfectly OK, very comfortable and are driveable out of a PC, any home deck, or even the Head-Fi traditional "amp the size of a minidisc + antiquated PCDP " method. That's how I'm running mine at the moment most of the time, still trying to hear why they're so highly rated here...

If youre in the UK, the DT231's are a bargain at under £40, but the DT250's are smoother.

You could try the MDR-D66 Eggos on an import (shouldn't set you back more than £80-£90 shipped from Audiocubes). These are pretty good and very practical to boot.

Other options: D22 Eggos on import (£40ish shipped?), Sennheiser HD497(<>£40), and Technics RP-F800(<>£50) for more 'home' type phones, Philips HP890 (<>£60).
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what about the 331 or 431? any good?
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Originally posted by Magicthyse
Other options: D22 Eggos on import (£40ish shipped?)
I heard a pair of these yesterday, and whilst they're not totally bad, I don't think i'd pay £40 for them... they sound VERY dark... as in by comparison, the dark DT250s are like a 500w lamp in a small room! (imo of course)
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Originally posted by Chivalry
what about the 331 or 431? any good?
I used to own the DT311s, and they weren't bad at all... kind cool if truth be known... I don't know if Beyer would've carried on the product line with as good a quality...

Worth a demo maybe
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cant seem to find anythin i want in my price range ... lookin more and more like plumping for the beyer 231 for my first set... i cant bring myself to spend 100 quid on a first set of headphones ..... my missus would cut my nads off.. .. so.. any positive things bout the 231? comfort?, quality? i know they closed back but do they kill outside niose well? as i dont think they completly cover the ear do they?
thnx again for all the info u have all provided... its really been a big help for me as a starter :0)

p.s. unless theres anythin else round 40 quid better? im still looking at the Audio-Technica ATH-M40fs which i can get for 60 quid.... at a stretch... anyone know how these wpould compare to the beyer 231?
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I've had the DT 231's for about two years. They were my first real set of phones (well, I had Sony MDR-7506, which I hated, and the AKG 240's, which I didn't much like either).

I picked them up at the reccomendation of Tyll over at www.headphone.com. They are a closed design, but they don't provide too much isolation from outside noise. What they do provide is isolation for the sounds comming out of the headphones, meaning the 20 people on the tube with you don't have to rock out to your Coldplay. They've been great on long plane/train rides.

Sound-wise, I think they're okay. They lack the air of open phones, and I can tell the difference between them and my Koss KC-35's. The highs on the Koss phones sound much better, but I think the overall sound of the Dt-231's is more cohesive and even. They aren't too big on the low-end, but provide decent, non-bloated bass. I feel the KC-35's can get a bit boomy and overbearing in their lows some times.

They are very comfortable phones to wear, with a good self-adjusting headband and plush pads. They're made from solid plastic, and mine have taken a beating over the years and held up just fine.

Overall, I'd say get them if having a closed phone is important, but not too important. But if you don't need a closed phone, think about the Koss KC-35's or the Porta Pros; both these little guys have some killer sound quality.
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Chivalry: I'd recommend to try the Beyerdynamic DT531 or the AKG K240S - you might find the K401 and the K270S a bit bass-shy. And it couldn't harm to give the Philips HP890 a listen, either. For closed constructions I'd recommend to try the DT250/250. I don't know how the Sennheiser HD580 would fare in comparision (especially when driven by an integrated amp), but if you can get hold of it for a good price, it might also be worth a try...

Greetings from Munich!

Manfred / lini
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sod it! managed to find a set of 580 senns for 80 quid deliverd, so took the plunge.... hope they as good as everyone says.... and not a problem with usin a integrated amp..... hope my T595 is up to the job . now.. this is the bit i hate,, waiting...
worst case senario is i dont like em.. in which case i could prolly sell em for what i paid.. if not more :0)
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