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Grado SR-80 Buzz

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hey all, I'm a bit of a n00b, but I have a quick question. I recenly aquired a pair of SR-80s, slightly used, and they sound phenomenal, except for one thing. I have been noticing a buzz on some bass notes in the left channel. Just wondering if anybody else has had any similar problems, and what I might do to fix it??


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Welcome to Head-Fi.

Search the Head-Fi and HeadWize forums for the word "grattle" (Grado rattle).

-- Jude --
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I think what you're experiencing may be what is referred to as "Grattle"... or Grado + Rattle. I'm no expert on this but from what you might find in similar threads (punch in "grattle" in search forums) regarding this, it's due to either a crease or wrinkle in the driver things <--- that's technical btw ... OR perhaps it could even be like a hair of yours (or the previous owner's!) coming in contact with or sticking into the driver mesh things.

Probably check out the hair possibility first, apparently more common than you'd think and it's much easier to fix. If it's not... then a suggested remedy to fix the Grattle is to play them pretty loud with bass heavy tracks for about an hour or so. The volume should 'shake' the grattle out, so to speak, and hopefully it'll solve your buzzing problem. It's worked for my SR60s, and for other head-fiers' Grados too.

Good luck!

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You can contact Grado Labs.
Even if they are out of warranty, they will only charge a small fee to fix them if needed.
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