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Headphone break-in question

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Okay.. I've owned my HD570's for almost a year now. Till date, I've never done a break-in on them.
However, seeing that I've built my buffered-multiloop amp for them; I'd like to ask:
Would it do any good to try and break them in now?

Just basically cranking up the volume to quite above normal listening levels and leaving it to play overnight.
Currently, I can hear the music clearly when the headphones are about 60cm (2 feet) away from me. Is that loud enough? Or too loud?
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HI: Brak in is to put 50 to 100 hours play time on the cans. If you had them for a year do you think you got 50 to 100 hour play time on them if so forget break in.
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Theoretically it is best to break in HP's using music or sound that covers the entire frequency range to fully exercise the drivers and loosen the mechanism up. However, normal listening does virtually the same thing over time. Lou is right you probably have them burned in by now and anything more you could do would not be apparant to your ears. In other words you are good to go.
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Alright... I always thought breaking in involved playing the headphones at volumes louder than normal listening levels.

Thanks for the help. Now I'll just be left with stretching the headphone band on my computer casing.
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