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IC: HE60/HEV70, HE90/HEV90, W2002, EMP AE etc

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Hi all,

This is just an interest check at the moment.

I *may* have for sale the following items:


A baby Orpheus system (HE60, HEV70) - sounds absolutely superb, in near-perfect condition but has fading to the Sennheiser logo on the headband. This is the set that I loaned to Eric343 for his review.

A pair of AT W2002 headphones, again in very good condition, spare set of pads. Has a small nick on the metal frame.

An EarMax Pro Anniversary Edition in perfect condition (with a complete set of EH tubes, Telefunken tubes & stock tubes - ie 9 valves).

Apogee mini-dac with USB option in perfect condition. (230V/110V)

Maybe, a daddy Orpheus system (HE90, HEV90) - in perfect condition.

Please PM me any offers, questions etc -- and I'll get back to you.

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daddy Orpheus

YGPM on the daddy "O"
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emp ae

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HE60/HEV70, HE90/HEV90, W2002, EMP AE etc

please PM :HE60/HEV70, W2002, EMP AE .

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Hi all,

I have decided to sell a number of items over the next few weeks. I will be starting off with the W2002s.

I'm a tad busy at the moment though - so my apologies for not replying to everyones PMs and emails personally.

Over the coming weekend, I hope to get some pictures of the W2002s and will post a FS ad.

Thanks for the replies,
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