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Darkvoice 336 arrived in 110 voltage.

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My darkvoice 336 arrived today. I bought it from a factory autherized dealer in Nanchang. China. I said I would post the information once I recieved the amp so people would have a source for this amp.His info is as follows:

Name: Jian Liu
email: ljra2@hotmail.com
Phone from usa: 011-86-791-809-3202
Business name:Shan Buddhist nun
Address: 102 Bldg 33, Xianshi Road
(city)Nanchang (state)Jiangxi
China (zip)330001
Also he carries other tube amps such as 300b etc.

I attached a couple of photos. It was shipped in a wooden box and was shipped 3 day air through DHL Shipping Co. I need to go to Radio Shack to get me a couple rca plugs to make me a cable from my echo Indigo so I will be up and running by tommorrow. It arrived in perfect condition.

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How much did you pay for it, including shipping?

Edit: I'm waiting until you get that baby hooked up to formally welcome you to the Darkvoice club
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That's purdy. Like Fitz stated: How much for it?
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somewhere around $200 - $250

I recommend you change those tubes as soon as possible. Some 6ns7's for the front and some 6as7G or 6080 for the back.
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Originally Posted by tilt
somewhere around $200 - $250

I recommend you change those tubes as soon as possible. Some 6ns7's for the front and some 6as7G or 6080 for the back.
Seconded. For the 6SN7 you have more choices than you can shake a stick at, too.
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Action shot
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price for 336 darkvoice

I paid 250 shipped with 110 voltage and 3 day air.
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What are the impressions on the sound of this amp? Solid buy for the money or what?
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I should mention that these are converted at the manufacture so it took 10 days to make it because of our 110 volt requirement.So add in 3 day air for a total of 2 weeks from order to delivery.
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Welcome to the darkvoice club. You are i do believe the 4th headfi member to own one. Changing out the tubes is a must, as it changes the sound so dramatically and to your taste and system. I definately love mine. darkninja67, i used to own the ld2 and the darkvoice is totally in a different league. I would say the ld2 performs pretty well in its price range and is a overall good starter tube amp. THe darkvoice however, imo performs well over its price range probably around 400-500 or so. You wont be disappointed if you get one. Echo1, let us know how it sounds and your impressions?
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My thoughts on the darkvoice 336

The heavens opened up and I heard angels singing to me.....
Well ok maybe thats a little much, but it is the best thing I have heard.I am highly satisfied. I know I can review this amp to death, but it comes down to each individuals preference. All I can say is WOW-only $250 for this. It kicks the ass out of Echo Indigos DJ's amplified out and I thought that was good.Also now I can listen to older recording(pre 70's) and they sound really good.I was allways not satisfied with solid state with older recordings(sounding weak, no punch etc.).
I would like to note that my experience with the dealer was a positive one. He was courtious and helpfull all the way through our transaction.Even after I recieved it he was emailing me to see If I was satisfied. I highly suggest him as a source for this amp.
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Please help me

How do you guys get the photos to show up without having to click a link? Also now I am wondering how it would sound with the Zhaolu 2.0. Should I quit now or go completely mad and keep going. What do you all think?
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Ok, now that you've finally hooked it up:

Welcome to the Darkvoice club!!!

Now you just gotta get that Zhaolu 2.0 and let us know how it sounds, because I'm interested in it as well
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I am considering one of these but have a couple questions for the owners. How well does this work with low impedance headphones (i.e. Audio Technica, Grado)? Also, how did you pay the supplier (wire transfer, money order, etc)?

Thanks in advance.
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Darkvoice 336

I used Western Union. Or you can do a Bank wire transfer. Also I am using them with 50 ohm Senns 555's and it sounds real good. I think the amp is rated 32 to 600 ohm. If you email him he will give you the specs. Also this is the only factory autherized dealer that I could find who could speak english. I got hung up on alot trying to say "do you speak english"?
If you go to Orphean Sound audio-video lab's forum at
www.diybuy.net/forum-28-1.html and look at the topic"venders aound black thoat" there is a listing of darkvoice 336 autherized dealers. There you will see Shan Buddhist nun listed.You will need google language interpreter to read it an english.Also there is a asian type ebay and his feedback is 100% positive You can verify it here. http://auction1.taobao.com/auction/1...72b84163.jhtml

I took pictures of the front and back of the manual that came with it and on the back page it gives there forum web address so that you can verify www.diybuy.net/forum-28-1.html is a ligit site. Well you can see I did a lot of research and didnt walk into this blindfolded. This is all the info I can give.Just think this all started with a search engine.
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