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Newbie question

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I have been reading over posts for the last few days and have come to the conclusion I need a pair of V6s,

1. I need to know if anyone has found them in Europe or if they are a US only item.

2. Many people mention that the V6s can be found online for 55 to 65 dollars but they never say where. The cheapest I have found was on the yahoo shopping link someone posted and that was for 69.99. If anyone has seen them cheaper I would appreciate a link.

Thank you,


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Unfortunately, they sell them in US only. We Europeans are doomed to their consumer equivalent 7506, at a price that reaches headphones of higher reputation on these forums, like DT250, or HFI-650.
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well I didnt mention earlier but I am american so I have ways to aquire them from the US, I just need to find the cheapest place in the US to get them.

I was hoping I could go somewhere here and try them out. at 50 to 55 dollars, I will probably buy them without hearing, at 70 to 80 dollars I would probably wait til the next time I am in the US to hear them. I dont let the fact that I am in socialist europe dictate what headphones I use.
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Originally posted by axxman

I dont let the fact that I am in socialist europe dictate what headphones I use.
LOL This must be the most sophisticated cosumer review of the modern European society at the beginning of the 21st century.

The V-6 issue is a matter of Japanese Sony business policy. They just don`t sell these in Europe. On the other hand, it somehow ecourages us to go for headphones better than the V-6. After all, Europeans do make the best headphones out there

Good luck in your search for the V-6 anyway.

fellow newbie
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Gee I didnt really know the europeans made the best headphones, didnt realize there was an award for it. Anyhow, I have listened to senheisers, and grados, and they just didnt sound like they were worth the money. I am looking at stuff under 100 dollars only.

these v6s seem to be what I am looking for. a previous poster said they were sold in europe as the 7506 which is the same model isnt it? there was an entire thread where the guy disassembled them and seemed to verify this.
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Oh I was in the same under $100 boat about a year ago, which is very troubleing for a guy from Europe who would like to get himself a pair of full sized, circumaural, closed headphones that don`t require dedicated amp to sound decent. And I ended up with the $75 Senn`s eh2000.

I`m not recommending these, due to this forum`s general opinion that they`re crap, although they sound, well...nice, at least to my nonaudiophile ears after this small mod I made.

But after hanging around head-fi for the last 11 months I almost hate my headphones and want to get something much better.
And I made my decision soon to be realized.

You do realize that I agree the V-6 are excellent hedphones for the price, right?
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absolutly agree that the v6s are probably going to be great, I will know when I hear them, I have read 100s of reviews over the last few days and basicly they sound like what I want. That said, I basicly have to buy them without hearing them, and I have no problem doing that at 55 to 60 dollars, but at 70 to 80, I think I would want to hear them first.
I just got my set of sony d22 headphones last week, again I bought them without hearing them and based my decision on peoples advice(from another forum) and it turned out great. Those were for a portable, now I am looking for good isolation, tight base and strong construction for my home stereo and I want it for around 50 to 60 dollars. So from what I have read, I want the v6s, the only others I was interested in were the senheiser 280 model but I think after reading the comparisons of the 2, the sonys will suit me better.
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