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A second excellent transaction with Alberto -- the Woo Audio stand I bought from him arrived beautifully packed and in mint condition. Thanks again!

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Alberto bought a BJC Mini to RCA. Fast payment and good communication. Thanks.
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Bought a pair of Shure SE420 from Al.
I'm totally satisfied, smooth transaction, very good communication, absolutely worth to be recommended!

Thanks for the deal
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Originally Posted by Acoustic Chef View Post
Most unpleasant transactions. Once with Rudistor other with Virtual Dynamics.
I offered a free power 1 to him, all I asked was he take care of shipping. There was a few cents difference from what I quoted him to the final shipping cost. Over a few cents
He decided to write numerous lengthy insults on how we run our business, whining like a spoilt 2 year old because he had to wait for a few days for his FREE power cord to be built.

This guy is straight up coo coo if you ask me.
Again no doubt that to grow up is mandatory, but to mature is still optional...

Matt, we all know you here, so I will not even bother in trying to even refute you, I will just limit my answer to state the facts, for the ones interested in knowing...
Do you really believe that someone will trust you, after seeing this, and less is going to believe all this crap you posted???...

The only two guys that cross my mind while thinking on you, are Merton and Patrick...

The amp was 100% fine, he purchased one RPX33 to be used with full size headphones, later on he decided to purchase a pair of IEM, he never asked us if the amp will be a good match, or even suitable for that use or not, and as a matter of fact, the amp was not designed for that use...
Even though Rudi told me to contact him, and offer him to re-adjust the amp, and make it suitable for that use, what is possible as mine is, he refused that solution, and then Rudi offered a brand new, redesigned and customized amp, even while he was outside the satisfaction warranty period by far.
After that he begin to bother with the shipping cost, and I'm not sure what was the end of the story, but we never heard again from him after that, maybe he realized that all was mistake from square one, or we do not know....

He was the one who was crying like a baby, and even threaten/blackmailed us to come here to head-fi, and post about "his negative experience", not sure how negative it was, as we offered him all what was reasonable to please a customer, and what any manufacturer would offer, and even while we do not respond to blackmails, we never refused to offer him the service we offer to all our customers, and even while was completely his fault...

About the cable, I never insulted anybody, I just asked their people to fix the inaccuracies in the statement, as I need things clear in black and white, and there was a clear discrepancy in the shipping cost, and not just pennies as he stated...It seems that he uses to inflate the expenses of the company, or maybe it was a mistake, I do not know, but please just choose another customer for that, I will not play that game, end of the story...And BTW he never fix it...

As a side note the cable was a total rip off, even at shipping cost it was a rip off, and the only unusal thing I got from it was a broken outlet, due to the stiffness, nothing else....
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Just got Lisa III from Sovkiller, excellent transaction, super quick, excellent packaging, all around A+++
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Sold some CDs to Sov- very nice transaction and he was very accommodating as one of the cases was cracked during shipment. Thanks and enjoy!
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I bought an amp from Al and his communication was excellent. I would buy from him again anytime. He's a good guy to deal with.
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Al is a great seller and good guy!

Al did an absolutely superb job as seller in a transaction of ours. I couldnt speak more enthusiastically about all aspects of his thoughtfulness and attention to detail. I would encourage anyone to look forward to a stress free and rewarding experience dealing with Al. Thank you so much ,Al, for the gracious and generous manner that you treated me through out are association.
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Met Al in person to buy his pelican case. Great transaction Al is a stand up guy.

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Recieved PX200 Pads for Demo (via Peyotero). Arrived in a timely fashion, perfectly. Great guy!
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I purchased a set of Straightwire RCA interconnects from Sovkiller.  Price was very fair and shipping was fast.  Interconnects cannot be told from new!

A superb transaction in all respects, and I would certain deal with him again in the future!

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