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Bought a Rat Shack headphone stand from Alberto. He shipped it before I even had a chance to get the money order in the mail. Very smooth transaction, I am totally happy with my dealing with Alberto. After I bent the hanger a little bit it now holds my Grados perfectly and securely.

Thanks Alberto!
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I was contacted by Al to build a PPA. As noted earlier, Al asked a lot of questions, which is something I truly prefer. Better to know exactly what one is expecting, and Al was very clear about his expectations upfront. So it was all-in-all a very smooth and detailed process, and the resultant amp reflects this.

Straightforward to deal with, prompt payment, timely communication: highly recommended. Thanks, Al!
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Just purchased 4 CDs from Al.

Very happy with the transaction. Everything as described, quick shipping after my payment, and would definitely purchase from him in the future.
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Purchased three AD-8610 op-amps from Sovkiller. Items came quickly and in perfect working order.

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I purchased Al (Sovkiller)'s Sony CD3K. The phones were as described, and they arrived super quick. It was a very nice experience dealing with Al and I would definitely do business with him in the future.. A++ transaction.

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Bought two semi-broken Sony cd players from Sovkiller.
Great communication and the packaging was great.

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He helped in the Quail group buy, Thanks! Would definitely deal with again.
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Sovkiller bought my Cross-1 crossfeed device. Payment arrived promptly, and he was very easy to deal with. I also enjoyed our chats that were off-topic from the purchase details. I highly recommend him as a purchaser.
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Bought a Sony-141 with accessories from Sov.
Once again, great communication and packaging.
EDIT: Neglected to mention that he was gracious enough to ship at the same time. Very generous.

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Great transaction with Sov. The panel is laid out nicely and was packed well. Thanks again Alberto.
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Sold Al 5 opa637bp chips. we kept in touch daily, paid fast. great doing business with him.
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Purchased 2 DVD's from Sovkiller. Transaction went smoothly and the DVDs arrived promptly and very well packaged. He even had the forsight to place a small piece of bubble wrap inside each DVD case which kept the disc from popping loose during shipment and sliding around inside the case. Highly recommended.
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i bought a Sabbath CD from Sov, and had fun talking to him about recording vs. musical quality of various Sabbath CDs. Oh, well -- it's about enjoying the music after all, isn't it?

Great deal... I'll probably buy more from him.
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I puchased Perreaux Amp for Sovkiller

perfect transaction
everything first class
overseas sale to australia
thank you
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Sold Al a CD box set. He was communicative, professional, and paid promptly. A totally painless transaction. Thanks Al!
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