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Bought an MDR-7509 from him.


Condition: Not quite as stated. One function not working.
Packed: Very well
Dispatch: Very prompt
Rating: 6/10

Not a problem as such, but what assaulted me as I opened the package was an overwhelming reek of cologne.

I'm actually going to have to take off the pads and the cloth if I can, and wash these - it's that powerful. The automatic mute switch, a feature of these phones, ain't working. It may not have worked for Sovkiller either, but he should have said.

Sorry Sovkiller. I'm on the whole not dissatisfied with the transaction, but you'll have to be a little more complete in your description. I'll deal with him again but I'll ask a few more questions next time.

And for Christ's sake, cut back on the cologne!!!
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edited look below
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Sorry about that Sovkiller.

It really does smell like bad cologne, and Sony's own literature makes reference to an Auto-mute SWITCH.

(I looked at several others and they mention the same thing)

I can't see a switch in the Exploded diagram so you're probably right... I wish Sony wouldn't do that.
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OK, 8/10 (minus 2 for the 'cologne') plus one as apology.
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First of all, this smell is not cologne, is a substance called Armor All, a leather and vinyl protectant, if you don't know how it smells like, don't blame me, bt I was just trying to be helpfull with the vinyl pads, and protect them, but if you dislike the smell just wipe it out with alcohol and an a cotton ball, and that's it very simple, about the automute function, I never saw it in any of them in the store or in any other place, and I saw a lot before buying it, you have the exploded diagram in the box in the manual, try to find it, if you see it, just let me know to claim Sony for that, why not asking first as everybody does, instead of writing insults...Jesus.

Why not the 10/10 at the end the smell of the Armor All was not my fault, I just was trying to be helpfull sorry about if you "dislike the smell" and the automute switch doesn't exists, Sony forgot to include it (as an electronic device at least) not my fault neither.

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This armor all is terrible stuff! You should lay off it to prevent other people not familiar with it from getting strange ideas Once again, sorry...

I am trying to get the auto-close to work (whipping it off my head and holding it at arms length, putting it on the table etc), but it doesn't seem to do too well... Oh well, not a huge prob.

I'm very happy with the phones generally though. Sounds good, looks good and hopefully will eventually smell good! Thanks and sorry about that. I shouldnt attempt mischief on boards without more representative face things
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OK, so the Armor All jokes have gone far enough as far as Sovkiller is concerned... I think he's a bit pissed about it
To release him from this state, I will award Sovkiller 10/10 status as a seller, despite my 7509's still REEKING of Armor All, which reminds me of the dire cologne worn by working colleagues in my Middle East working days...
Buyers, I think we can safely assume that Sovkiller will lay off the Armor All in the future... so don't mention it to him, shhhhh
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Thank you very much for your honesty, even when I would preffer that edited the first post instead, people sometimes are very lazy and never reads the whole page once it begins in a wrong way!!!
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Sold Sovkiller some vacuum tubes. He asked a lot of questions and paid promptly. An informed consumer is my best customer.

Thank You

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Bought ASL MGHead OTL Headphone Amp

I bought the MGHead OTL head-phone amp from Sovkiller. The product was exactly as advertised, very well labelled and superbly packed. Gave me invoice along with the envelope that came to him. This shows how meticulous and careful he is about his audio collection.

Knowledeable and doesn't mind answering questions. Because of my ignorance of tubes, in my first email I probably offended him a little. But he answered all of my questions.

I will not hesitate to buy him from again in future. I will highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy used gear that has been taken well care of.

Though my correspondence with him has been only via emails, he has pretty much become a friend.

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Sovkiller purchased a Grado Headphone Extension cord from me. Negotiation was quick and cordial. Payment was prompt. Perfect transaction!

Thanks Sovkiller!
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Bought an old pioneer sx3500 reciever from sovkiller. Communication went smoothly and because he's two states away from me, shipping was ridiculously fast for ups ground for a big object like this. Came packed very nicely with ALOT of styrofoam pellets (enough to probably last me a while in shipping out my own sales, lol). Well recommended.
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Used CD - but like new condition

Bought Live at Leeds.


Fast shipment!

I hope he keeps upgrading his collection - I will keep buying more.

Good guy
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Bought a headphone stand from Sov. Good communication, fast shipping. Would deal with again.
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Purchased MG Head-H

Purchased a MG Head-H from Sov. Communications were excellent, amp shipped/received quickly and arrived in great shape. Packing was A1. Would buy from again without hesitation.
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