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VERY cheap (but tolerable) closed phones

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Im gonna get demerited for asking this...but my dad wants some to watch TV with.....can anyone reccomend (and I use that term loosely) some relatively inexpensive phones that are closed. When I say relatively cheap..i mean no more than $30....they need to be closed so they dont wake up my mother...thanks in advance...
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Sure, no prob.

In this case, Koss always has something in its line.

Koss UR-20

closed, boomy, but otherwise pretty good for the price
(25 bucks or so)


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Koss UR20 or UR30 (which is like the 20 except they fold).. they're both in your pricerange and are good enough for TV...

edit- damn i was too slow...
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I can't confirm this, but it seems as thought the UR20 and the UR30 use different drivers...here is the quote from Koss:

UR20: High fidelity Stereophone utilizes neodymium rare earth magnet and 16 micron mylar element for deep bass and treble clarity

UR30: High Fidelity Stereophone utilizes an anisotropic magnet and 1.4 mil mylar element for deep bass and treble clarity

Which sounds better? I don't know, but I had bought the UR20 based on HeadRoom's (headphone.com) brief description. I returned them, however, because I wasn't used to the boomy bass. I also felt that alot of midrange and high-midrange was missing. These headphones were good for pop music but not for classical. For TV, they will do fine...but not for long periods (my ears became sweaty)
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I wanted to add, the ur20 was very hard to adjust...and seems to fit either big heads or little heads...no mediums
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(sorry for OT)

Where did you see the 7506 in Canada again?
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i'll get slammed for this, but you might consider the sony cd180: fine for tv, not the best for music, and very comfortable for long periods. i think it's about $25.
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Philips has a model called HP550 that has gotten some praise, you might wanna check that one out if you can find it.
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"Where did you see the 7506 in Canada again?"

Red, I didn't personally see them... I just remember some guy posted on headwize a few months ago that he bought them from a local store in T.O.
Sorry I can't be of much help.. Maybe you should look for Pro-DJ equipment stores in your area??
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