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Wow, how should I start?
  • Lorenna McKennitt and Teressa Salgueiro (Madredeus) -- crystaline, proudly soaring.
  • Karan Casey -- sweetly waiflike, with a tough edge.
  • Virginia Astley -- innocence incarnate.
  • June Tabor and Lila Downs -- The most expressive, versatile voices there is: playful at one moment, caustic and venomous at the next.
  • Paula Morelenbaum -- smooth and weightless, the perfect voice for Bossa Nova.
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Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins)
Harriet Wheeler (The Sundays)
Karen Carpenter
Leslie Feist (Feist)
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Did someone actually say Madonna?

Most of mine have been listed except for the truly amazing Neko Case. Her voice is fantastic, especially if you like a bit of country. Gillian Welch is antoher one in the same vein that is amazing.
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Patricia Kaas
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* Eva Cassidy
* Karen Carpenter
* Alison Krauss
* Sarah McLachlan
* Natalie Merchant
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Originally Posted by rsaavedra
Some of the (non-lyrical) female voices I have enjoyed the most in recent years, just in alphabetical order:

Alison Krauss
Ana Caram
Cesaria Evora
Diana Krall
Dusty Springfield
Jacqui Naylor
Madeleine Peryoux
Rebecca Pidgeon
Sarah McLachlan

Lyrical female voices:

Arleen Auger
Cecilia Bartoli
Edita Gruberova
Jesse Norman
Renee Fleming

Other voices I like a lot:

Alicia Keys
Charlotte Church
Christina Aguilera
Missy Elliot
Natalie (Dixie Chicks)
So much for the "Top 5 only" request! But you've listed some good one there, no doubt.
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Fiona Apple
Sarah McLachlan
Emily Haines (Metric)
...I don't know, Jem I guess
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Florence Foster Jenkins
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Trying to stick to Santa's rules, here are 5 more lovely-voiced ladies:

1. Jacintha
2. Syd Straw
3. Rosa Passos
4. Edith Piaf
5. Chrissie Hynde
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I don't know why but I keep gravitating towards Sarah McLachlan.
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Gillian Welch and Neko Case, yes!
Kathleen Edwards, only know 'Failer' but...!
Nina Simone
can't say they'd make the top 5, but must admit I really like 'em, Pat Benatar and Crissie Hynde (sp?)...
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1. Ayaka Hirahara
3. Suh Young Eun
4. Fayray
5. Lee Soo Young
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Jem has a pretty nice voice, so does Sarah McLachlan.
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Eva Cassidy
Kate Bush
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