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Help!!! Ear Bud Accessories

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Hello to Everyone !
I am Still a newbie here, and I need some advice. I recently purchased a pair of Sennheiser MX 500's as my first "step-up" from the Stock buds I have always listened to. I am Greatly impressed with the quality of sound they give me.
What I wanted to know is, instead of using the foam covering that comes on the ear buds:
1- Can I switch over to the silicone or rubber coverings ?

2- Will there be any loss of sound quality ?

3- Can you name any places where I can purchase these pads ?

I've seen a store on the web called Ear Plug Store.com, that sells something called "Slick Sound Add On" for ear buds. They attach to the ear buds, and go deeper into the ear canal. Made out of silicone, I think. Has anyone heard of this, and what is your opinion ???.
Thanks, Everyone >>> Your knowledge and expierience is appreciated...
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search the forums for "Slicsound". couple of people think they're the next best thing, just as many think it's a waste of money. I dunno, but check for yourself.

the foamies that come with the mx500 are really cheap. you could some denser and tighter ones at RadioShack or someplace like that.
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Ear Bud Upgrades

Thanks, Braver. I am going to do the search now. I think (IMHO), even when you look through conflicting opinions, you can usually pick out enough valuable information to make your own good deceision, Right ?. And there seems to be alot of, both conflicting opinions and valuable information around here. But one thing everyone agrees on is >>> This site, Head-Fi, is the best place there is !!!
The expeirience and knowledge you people have is un-biased and un-beatable.....
Do you think they are comming out with a MX 600 soon ?. And how might it differ from the MX 500???.
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lol, I'm not sure...but I do hope so! there goes a lot of research into making a good headphone, also earbuds. so they tend to stay on the market a fairly long time (like 5 years) before they are replaced. and the mx3/4/500 series is only out for 2 or 3 years now.

nevertheless, they are the bang-for-buck phones to beat IMO
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