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Technics RP-FDA100 on the market now?

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Tim D recently piqued my interest in another thread regarding the newest hi-end headphone on the block, the Panasonic/Technics RP-FDA100:

Funky, ain't they? Well, I found a place that carries them, here.

The cost? 211 pounds, which translates to about $307 USD. Not outrageous, but by no means pocket change. Now, I really really want to try these out. I want to buy them because I am perhaps stupid, crazy, and wasteful. Nah, I just want to try them before anyone else on headfi does. But I...might...restrain....myself *throwing credit card across the room* After all, I do not like to order from overseas, and I do not want to imagine the shipping costs, waiting time, and any misc. taxes/costs tacked on. But I still might do it for the heck of it. I'd just have to eat only spaghetti-O's and coke for the next 4 weeks so until I break even at my part-time job. I've emailed the company about with some questions, including asking them if anyplace carries these in the US to their knowledge, so hopefully I'll get a response soon. Maybe some of you in England are interested?

Anyhow, I implore one if you loons out there to beat me to it and buy these cans and tell me what I want to hear. That is, "These are the freaking best headphones in the world, better than stax! Better than grado! Better than senn! Go buy them NOW!"

Of course, they probably suck ass...but dreams are dreams.
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MooGoesTheCow, I saw a short review of these a few months ago in a UK magazine. I don't remember which magazine though. I too wanted them to be good because I thought they looked awesome. That wasn't the case though according to the review. I think they got a 3 star rating out of 5. I think the review stated that they just weren't very involving and sounded kind of dull. Too bad because they definitely get 5 stars for looks!
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u guys like that? wow......I prefer a black grado...i think i've fallen in love with Grado Styling....I NEED TO HEAR THEM AT THE CHICAGO MEET!!! SO I CAN FALL (or not) IN LOVE WITH THEIR SOUND!!!
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vij, don't wait for the Chicago meet (there is not gonna be one, we'll meet in Detroit )

Just find yourself a decent Hifi store somewhere in Chicago and go auditioning, it's so much fun!


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From the pics, I definitely think they look awesome. The sound of course is another story. I'm going to hold off on buying them pretty much because panasonic is not a well respected name in headphones, and I could use the money for a better use. Like upgrading my headphone amp
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"2-way Double-Drive system (57mm full-range speaker + 20mm Super-Tweeter)"

A two-way headphone design? That's what the website says. This is supposed to sound good? I don't know.
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"I could use the money for a better use. Like upgrading my headphone amp "

Or maybe 20 CDs of wonderful music?
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moo, if you really want them, I can get them for you.
See my post in the sale forum.

I think they look a little bit too techno , but I'm sure a lot of people like the style. The circumaural pads look interesting. Haven't heard them of course (I might audition them in 2 weeks though )


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Wow, you cats really like the way those things look? They look like they were designed by Fisher Price.
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Not Fisher Price, but the Troklian star fleet council

Yeah, they might look cool in SF movie, but I don't think I would like to wear them myself.
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Ewwwww.. I'm with Jude on this one.
Waaaay too flashy for my tastes..
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Redwoood said...

Not Fisher Price, but the Troklian star fleet council
No, you're both right. I'm pretty sure it was designed by the Fisher Price division of Troklian star fleet, under orders by the council.
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I think I hear someone "moooo'ing" in protest!
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I think the picture has too much flash going on...I saw other pictures where the shiny plastic actually looks like real metal...and the blue orbs are actually much darker. Anyhow the other more true to life pictures look much better.

Course I have a feeling the lack of news might be because the sound might not be anything to praise. And that one review of it getting 3 stars for being relatively dull sounding might show that its 100khz tweeters would make it better sounding to bats...or vampires.
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No, they really look that flashy in real life. The fit is a little weird but comfortable. Of course, since I put them on at J & R Music World, nothing was running through the feed, so I have no idea what they sound like. Oh, and I didn't have a mirror, so I had to go with the look on my friend's face which said, "Gee, it's a good thing you don't have a mirror."
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