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Originally posted by Andrew LB
I went through the same decision you did about a month ago and i settled with the HD580s after listening to just about everything sennheiser makes under $500 and I also checked out the grados. I really like how comfortable my HD580s are since they do not touch my ears. Their sound is pretty darn good even though i do not have an amp yet (im getting an Airhead in a few days and a maxed META42 desktop model in three or so weeks). We'll see how these sound after that nice upgrade!
Tell me how it sounds with the Meta Andrew LB (i'm thinking of getting one too)
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so what small town are you in?

if you're in a town like Cheyenne, Wyoming I can understand your problem, but there is probably a day-trip away big town where you can hear some quality cans. nothing like a confirmed address list of places to visit on a saturday just make sure you take at least three of your favourite cd's with you so that you can compare and easily make a decision.

and be aware of listenening to incorectly matched phones to amps at the dealer's.

i personally love how guitars and vocals come forward on the sr80's since they are bright, forward cans.

as to the crackling sound you heard - they were definitely sourced based, like a portable with run down batteries, or a cd player with a feeble amp.

see if there is an audio store that sells high quality speakers in your neighbourhood and then audition a few cans on their amps

you may want to include ETY's, Audio Technica's, AKG K501's, and Sony V6's into your mix of auditionable cans, as a lot of people here swear by them.
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I live about 120 miles from St. Louis, Missouri.
I may need to drive up their and take a "Listen" around.

On that note what is a good store in St. Louis to try out some cans, particularly Grado's and Sennheiser?
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Do a search of the Grado SR325s. I like them and listen to similar music. I don't listen off my puter though.
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look in the st. lou phone book.

call them up and make sure that they're still there. then take a map (www.mapquest.com/directions) and plot your course. get directions as necessary.

take your favourite 3 cd's with you.

listen to all the places from nearest to farthest. and then on your way back, call ahead after you've made your decision. get the best price you can.

if you start out from your home at 7:30 am, audition cans for 1/2 hour per place, with 17 minutes travel between places, you should have a good idea of what phones you want by 1 pm and you should pick up your phones by 4pm and be home by 6:45.

don't forget to smile at all the beautiful ladies as you are having lunch at 12:43. your last audition should be about 3:35pm.

when you're list-ening to your cans, just find the most beautiful woman you can find in the store and say, "hi. i'm looking to buy some headphones. can you please help me. when i listen to beautiful music i like looking at a beautifule woman. it makes the music so much the sweeter... what do you have? (in headphones)". (you of course already know what types and makes they have).

don't be afraid of putting the headphones on their heads and asking them of what they think of track 3 of your "x" cd and track 17 of your "y" cd and track 12 of your "z" cd.

and while they listen to your music you look deeply into their eyes...

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