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Originally posted by KurtW
I just received a pair of HFI-650s today that I bought used. I just plugged them in. They sound pretty good except for the fact that the bass is completely missing. Actually I can hear a little bit of bass, but it has zero impact. I'm very disappointed. These are almost brand new...does the bass come in after you burn them in or something? Maybe they are designed to be used with bass boost. The high end makes Grado SR80s sound mellow. Does the high end tame down with burn-in? I have a feeling these will be for sale very soon.
Wow, I have a pair of the previous model (HFI-600s) and my experience with them has been totally the opposite--they're fairly balanced, with decent bass and a top end that's fairly neutral. If burn in doesn't improve your pair, I think I'll keep my pair and forget about "upgrading."
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I actually thought the HFI-650 has a pretty good low end and in fact a little bit of a push in the midbass similar to the HD600. Given that I tend to like more bass than you, this surprises me.

I have not noticed a substantial change with burn-in but it's possible that mine were burned in a little before I got them.

I would propose that perhaps you have simply gotten used to a far superior headphone recently and that moving from it to the HFI-650 might be tragic in and of itself. AB it with your old V6 and if you don't like the 650 better, I'd wonder if there was something wrong with yours.
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closed headphone

Kelly,what is your current reference headphone?You are alot like me and like to try everything and dont seem to get to hung up on loyalties or certain brands. I CURRENTLY LIKE GRADOS but I still want to try the hd600s and I got in on the dt770pro deal. You should try grados with the flat pads or sennheiser pads I use. I recently replaced my sr-225s and they came with the bowl pads.Way to bright ,where did the bass go and the dynamics were cut in half.I got a pair of flats out and back came the grado I knew.
By the way, a very good closed headphone used to be jvc ha d990s. This and sr-225s were my favorites for years. I just picked up a pair from PURK,and I am curious to see if they sound as good as I thought they did;the last time I heard them was two years ago. Closed headphones dont have to boom.
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sacd lover
The best way I can answer that question is what I posted here.
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reference headphone

GEEZ! I forgot about that. That was my post.
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I haven't heard the HFI-650 but it's looking almost like a repeat of the HD280 - I bought them because a 'core' of people here said 'the bass is great' - but I found that they didn't have any to speak of, not for my musical tastes at least. Now, you'll find a bigger core saying the 280's are recessed in bass - and this is only after more people who actually have the things have posted their views... Get the picture?

If you want to find out what an HFI-650 actually sounds like, I think you'll have to get one and see (and please let us know what you think), or have a detailed PM chat (if he's willing) with kelly who seems to be the only regular regularly proclaiming his ownership. I argued headbands with him so I'm pretty certain he actually has one.

The 280 doesn't actually lack response. It does actually go very low, it's just that the proportion of bass volume is a little unbalanced to what seems many people's ears. Perhaps if you have (audiophiles, cover your eyes now), EQ?

Also, referring to a post earlier, "The 280's are like the beyer 250-80's but with less impactfull bass and less recessed highs..". The Beyers seem to be increasingly compared (by the 250-80 fanboys) with headphones that they are nothing like, often in the 250's favour. Beware of bullsh!t. The 250's are very undemanding phones but there's really not that much to get excited about, especially at Headroom's price relative to many other phones. Personally I was more buzzed with the 280, even though I didn't like them at first (and to be honest, not that much even now - but they're prefect for my current use, monitoring)

Have you considered some of the cheaper closed Audio-Technica phones? I've put a curb on the acquisition of new phones for the moment, but the new crop of ATH-A500, 700 and 900 seem very interesting. I like the response of the ATH-A9X, but have no idea whether these will be similar. If you wait around, some 'early adopter' will hopefully post their review...
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KurtW just said that he had received his HFI-650.

Additionally, dougli had a pair (is this the same pair? I know dougli sold his but I thought Fiddler was the buyer). GTecX has them--bought them and Beyer DT250-80 at the same time and returned the DT250-80 since he preferred the Ultrasone.

You have to give closed headphones a proper perspective. If you're in an environment where closed is not necessary, the DT931 w/ 120 ohm adapter and HD600 blow away the Ultrasone. I can only say that I prefer the HFI-650 to the Sony MDR-V6/7506 and Beyerdynamic DT250-80 and that I've been overall underwhelmed with other closed headphones.
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Originally posted by kelly
[BYou have to give closed headphones a proper perspective [/B]
Truer words never spoken. While the Senn/AKGs that I have outperform the Beyer 831s, they're useless in a noisy enviornment. While the Beyers have their faults, they are a godsend when noise levels are high. In evaluating closed phones, you always have to keep this in mind.

I don't own the 650s, but I do own the Ultrasone 600s.
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