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mcbiff, it may not be the "best" amp you're seeking, but as I sit here listening to my CD3000s with the MG Head DT, I can tell you that the sound is wonderful. Dynamic, transparent, smooth, with tight, not overpowering bass. I'm listening to Dion's Boxed Set, Disc 3, "Brooklyn Dodger". I haven't listened to this CD in awhile, and I had a couple of mental WOWS while listening. Vocal harmonies, in particular, are glorious. The excessive brightness that a lot of people mention when discussing the CD3000s is just not there. To my ears, they sound very balanced with this combo. Considering the price, and its looks, I wouldn't count the Head out just yet.
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mcbiff: for earmax pro check out www.peaudio.com, 5900 SEK
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Thanks for the tip, mr_slacker. However I have unfortunately already ordered the Headmaster for 6200 SEK (~$600), and it should arrive shortly.
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I'll be interested to hear how the Headmaster sounds with the CD3000s.

A note of caution with the Sugden amp: apparently Sugden responded to a bad review with Grados by suggesting that the amp wasn't designed to be used with low impedance headphones.

Amongst my collection of amps, I've found that the Earmax Pro was not very successful with the CD3000s - the combination exacerbated the weaknesses of the CD3000s - their light and less substantial sound - while minimising their strengths: speed and bass response.

The Maxed Home was definitely the best amp I've heard for the CD3000s. Its dynamic, solid, fast sound, matched the CD3000s' strengths perfectly, while its slightly dark character tamed the headphones' slight tendency to brightness.
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the CD3000s - their light and less substantial sound
Wow, I would say the 3000s are anything but light and unsubstantial. It's their fullness and sense of "presence" that I like most (at least compared to HD600, which is definitely "light and unsubstantial").

Maybe it's the ZOTL that really makes my 3000s sing. Give it a shot if the Sugden doesn't work out.

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The Headmaster exhibits no problems whatsoever here driving Grado's. The sound is superb!
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