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Best amp for the CD3000s?

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Ok, I'm seriously considering getting a new amp. But first I would like to know if anyone knows which ones I should be looking at and which ones don't match up at all. Just tell me which one is the best and I'll see if I can afford it. Keep in mind that I have little to no chance of auditioning anything since nothing is available here in Sweden.
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Buget plays a big part but I'll throw my 2 cents!

For SS try the Creek SE (about 280 now).
For tubes the MG head (about 280 also).

Now if your buget allows.
SS - Sugden HM or the older MAX if you can find it for 800 or so.
Tubes - Earmax pro or MicroZotl would be "nice"

Now, there are many other excellent choices. (for more money!)
These are just my current favs /wish lists.
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What bootman suggests are good choices...except I'd stay away from the lower end amps for the CD3000s. Go straight for things like the Sugden or the Earmax Pro if you can. I believe solid state drives them more nicely than tubes...they already have a great bass, and tubes will simply add more onto that.
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I dunno, Melos SHA-1s are cheap these days if you look at audiogon, I'm seriously considering getting one myself...

oh oh shouldn't have told you that
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Looking at your music preferences, you need a tube amp.
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Melos SHA1, eh? Looks interesting. Does anyone know where I can find some good reviews of it?

How does the Corda HA-1 compare to other SS amps like the Sugden? Is it in the same league?

I am a little weary of buying tubes because I know they are very hard to find here in Sweden. So SS would definitely be preferable.
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Hmm, 3.67/5 isn't exactly glowing. It seems like the company is having some problems.
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Melos is out of busines. Maybe somebody was electrocuted by
their equipment :-). Some (a lot) of the tube amp manufacturers
have severe reliability problems.
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Check out the ZOTL with those phones, but factor in the cost of good NOS tubes. ZOTL + CD3000 = eargasm!

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I'm considering the Zotl, but because of the tube-issue the Sugden is atop my list at the moment. The only thing I want to know is how it compares to the Corda. I'd also like any information available on the Sugden, searching the forums didn't reveal much in the way of reviews.
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Hold it on McBiff.
I've just got a pre production sample of Harmony Design Ear 90 amp (made in Sweden).
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Great! I look forward to reading about your findings.
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You're in Stockholm right? Correct me if I'm wrong but you have a Creek already?

Maybe you could find a good bargain on a used Headmaster or an Earmax Pro. EPs are manufactured in Germany and HMs are done in Britain.

I would probably try to look for a Euro product as I'm sure there are great savings to be had...
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Indeed I am in Stockholm, but I don't think either the Earmax or the Headmaster can be found locally (or even in Sweden). So finding a used one could prove impossible. I did however find a nice deal on the HM ($719 shipped) which I might go for unless I can get a demo unit or something from another place.
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