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Advice sought

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Okay folks. Just moved into an open plan office at work and in order to concentrate I play music through the PC and listen with a pair of Sennheiser headphones. Unfortunately, at the volumes I like to listen at, people in the office are complaining that the sound coming out from the headphones is too loud and is making it impossible for them to work.

Question: Does anyone know of any hedphones that have little or no sound leakage as these open backed designs seem to be unsuitable.


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AudioTechnica (audiocubes.com) or Beyer Dynamic (headphone.com). I found the ATH100Ti really comfortable for the office, good sound and plenty of isolation too.
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The best set of headphones to use through a PC unamped are imho the Beyerdynamic DT250-80. Detailed midrange, forward soundstage, good bass, and very relaxed treble. Perfect for use straight through horrible sources such as PC soundcards. Downsides are the headband might be a bit tight for some people, and the earpads might not be liked by others. I have no problem with them although the headband took a few days to get used to.

If you're considering a decent amp (or already own one) then I'd go for any Beyer closed phone with a darker or neutral tonal balance; DT770, DT250-250 (the high-load cousin of the DT250-80, which sounds slightly better), hmm. . . can't think of any more.

Good luck on your purchase.

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