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MDR CD3000 street price???

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Someone with experince in buying this headphone which is considered a good price to pay on the street for a new MDR-CD3000.....?
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IIRC, the CD-3000 can be found for around $450 new, although I've forgotten where. Used, I'd expect to pay $300 to $400, depending on condition (above $350 is steep unless condition is excellent). If you're lucky, you may be able to find a used pair cheaper.
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Originally posted by jpelg
That's a seriously good price from a retail store. You can drop my recommendations for used prices by at least $50.
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Hmm, $400. . .

do they still sell cd1700s, btw?
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The Sony MDR-CD1700 was discontinued and replaced with the inferior open-back MDR-CD2000.
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Please!!!!!! offside!!! how we would say in football, (out of topic) here we are talking about the CD3000 ....if someone wants to ask about another models why not create your own thread instead??? Right? Maybe is a coincidence but every time i post something, after three or four answers or replies people begin to talk about diffrent models or different topics, Jesus this is nuts
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Sorry about that, Sov. I'll try to stop breaking the rules.

But yes, street price for a new CD3000 seems to be around $400 or so plus shipping. $380 is a very good price new. I've seen it go for under $300 used here on Head-Fi, so keep your eyes open.
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No need of an apology, that is only a coincidence, but if you check my posts you will noticed that, anyway I just got the info I need but in the last of the cd3000 vs hd600 everybody talk of whatever they want except that, W002, W1000, etc...that was funny, at the beginning I got what I want, but later I was the whole night going back and forth to try to get some info and every time I read something, were from another cans, I even had to unsubscribe from that thread...that was funny
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