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Headphones for NASCAR

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My father-in-law is going to the NASCAR race in Phoenix and I need to hook him up with some headphones for his scanner. Obviously sound quality is not really a concern, but cheapness and isolation are. Any suggestions??
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How about a cheap set of Koss closed phones like the UR20's. The isolation isn't excellent, but better then nothing. He could put in ear plugs first, then crank the volume up, for further isolation.
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I would recommend Aiwa HP-V600. They are inexpensive, offer good isolation, and have a high sensitivity - meaning the scanner should be able to drive them easily. Their isolation is good but you'll still know what's going on around you. I find them easy to put in my ear and remove quickly. they are very compact. Amazon has them.
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Aw, but how could you cover up the glorious sound of those massive American V8s?!

Can I go too?
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After checking out the great wall of headphones this afternoon I was thinking maybe the Koss QZ99s. They look pretty durable and the independent volume control will probably be good since we'll buy two pairs and use a splitter.

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