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Canadians > Where Do You Buy Your Grados?

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As my info says, I'm from Canada, and am having a hard time searching for a pair of Grado Sr60's or Sr80's at a decent price. I'm hoping that maybe some of you might have some suggestions on where I can get some over the internet (or other) without travelling very far or paying much extra shipping. One last thing... since I'm only 15, I would have to use my parents' credit card, and they're very cautious/skeptical -- [maybe even paranoid?] about security on the net because they have heard nearly every one of those countless stories of people being ripped off and scammed.
So basically I want somewhere to get Grado Sr60's or Sr80's for a (semi)reasonable final price, and this place must be secure with a decent reputation. I'm thinkin maybe Soundcity.com ? Headroom would be perfect except for the $25 shipping charge......
Any suggestion are appreciated very very much. Thanks a lot. [Non-canadians feel free to comment as well] -SapphireModena
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Soundsellers have the best prices, and I think they use USPS for shipping, so you won't be ripped off by brokerage fees.

Someone also had good experiences (sr-80s) with http://www.nax.com

Then there's Brooklyn Audio in NS.
I don't know if they sell the lower Grados, but their prices for 125s and up are quite competitive - especially considering they're Canadian.


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Also try goodcans.com. They also ship USPS and are very prompt. Email Bill for an exact quote.
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I bought my SR-80's from soundcity.com for 85 US dollars including shipping to Canada.
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Oh really? Cool, I didn't know that they shipped to Canada for free! It would be a good place to buy from, and I think that if I decide to get the 80's I might try getting em there....

Serow, was that during a sale, or did you have to talk the price down a bit?
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sapphiremodena: actually, i live in vancouver, and i've been looking around for Grados quite a bit. i've found a couple places in town actually.

Signature Audio on Cambie St. gave me the best price for SR80's at $160 (CDN, of course) but they don't currently have them in stock. I think they have everything else in stock tho.

Hi-Fi Centre gave me a terrible price for both the SR80's and 60's, so i'd hate to imagine what they would charge for the higher end grados. blech, they said $150 for SR60's and $230 for SR80's.

Alternatively, i think someone else mentioned this in another thread, but Sound Hounds in Victoria will sell the 80's for $150, and they will ship to vancouver.

AND, an acquantaince of my dad owns a hi-fi store, and can get me the 80's for $169, but no special deal for me =(.

Since i'm also looking to purchase the SR80's, i'm probably going to order from Signature Audio, unless the shipping from Sound Hounds works out to be less than Signature's price w/ taxes.

hope i've been of some help.
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Chances are I'll get them from www.SoundSeller.com (only $75 US for sr80's + $10 shipping to Canada), or from a more secure place like www.SoundCity.com if I can get them for the same price.
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does sound seller still carry grados? i can't seem to find them on their site.
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They're still listed under 'manufacturers'
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I'll drop them an e-mail.
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I'm probably preaching to the converted here, but if you're 1. in Canada and 2. buying from a US website, try out borderfree.com

If you don't know about them, they will calculate an exact amount for you from whichever website you want to order from, meaning you won't pay more for shipping or find a little surprise in your mail box one day telling you all about those wonderful customs/taxes you owe the government. They figure out all that stuff for you in advance.

Good luck!
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Borderfree is dying.

They will stop the 'universal shopping basket' service at the end of this week.
After that, there's only gonna be their 'partner stores' to buy from.
sounds like suicide to me, but obviously they weren't profitable


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Borderfree says it doesn't support IE6, AOL, or Mac. I have IE5 and for some reason it still never works for me.
I add it to my Links Bar, but then when I click on the Borderfree link, it says "processing...please wait", and it never really ends up working. Am I being too impatient?? > How long does it usually take to process after you click on the Borderfree link?
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Hmm... a couple of seconds?

Wait, I'll try it

15 seconds with onecall (and their servers are very sloooow)

Usually it's much faster.

If you wanna buy something, you better hurry up before they stop this service.


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Avoid Borderfree at all costs. I've had nothing but problems with them. For instance they mailed me two Gamma DAC's when I ordered one. Recently they tried to double charge me for an item I bought months ago. In addition to this they open up your package and remove the receipt so you have to go through them for returns - and they're not always cooperative.
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