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Originally posted by Beagle
Why don't you just urge them to go into a music store, take a copy of the CD, stick in inside their jacket and walk out of the store? This way, they get the whole album, not just a couple of songs.
Personally, I'm one of those guys who is, for the most part, against file sharing. But then again it does have it's upsides. And I think that maybe we should take advantage of that, at least to some extent. Every single Matthew Good fan I know is either Canadian or if they are American, they only heard of his music because they accidentally downloaded a song that was mislabelled as being by Dave Matthews Band.

If I tell you that I love MGB, and to go pick up 'Audio of Being' or 'Beautiful Midnight', I highly doubt that anyone would go to the nearest CD shop and go pay $15 for an album that they were recommended by one guy on an audio forum.

I guess what I'm saying is that no one would do this, so I feel that in order for anyone to even give this music a chance, they should download a few songs, and if they like them as much as I do, they won't even think twice about buying the album, and then they'll buy the rest of them as well.

Head-Fi is also one of the only places that I would recommend people to download mp3's as most people here wouldn't be satisfied with the sound quality, they would rather go buy the albums. I've bought all their albums and I don't even have a good rig. In fact, at this point, my rig is crap. I have a 5 year old Sony Discman and some JVC clip-ons. Some major upgrades are soon to come in the next few months though.

Back on topic: It really amazes me, and saddens me that hardly any Americans have heard of Matthew Good Band. They've been big in Canada for a while and have something like 11 singles so far. Then they split. Now it's just 'Matthew Good', on his solo career with a drummer and a bassist playing on his album. Matt writes the music, sings, and plays guitar and keyboard. It's really awesome stuff.

How's about this:

Beagle, since you're against file sharing (so is Matt Good himself) then this is for you, or anyone who is also against file sharing:

Go to www.matthewgood.net and listen to his new single 'Weapon'. It's streaming, so the sound quality is pure crap, but at least it might give you a bit of an idea about the kind of music that it is. This isn't his best song, but is quite decent, just give it a try.

Anyways that's enough out of me.
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Originally posted by TaffyGuy
i've never heard them but i doubt a band called "matthew good" is really what we're going for in this thread.
Well, it probably wouldn't need an "extra help" to be fully appreciated (I wouldn't know, I've never done any of that stuff) and it isn't the least bit trippy, but when I made the suggestion I was sort of thinking about how markl said "This thread ... acknowledges their role in the creation of *some of* today's most popular/best music." and about how a considerable amount of people believe that the lyrics and flow of the album seem to be cocaine-inspired.

Oh, I got one: Spiritualized - Let It Come Down. I haven't heard any of the previous Spiritualized albums, but I've been meaning to for a long while.
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very good rebuttal. i wasn't really even trying to induce one, just being a general smartass (its the taffyguy theme of the week)

nice job on beagle too. very diplomatic.

i'll add... bob marley, just to contradict what i said earlier about jimi. if theres anything worse than an *******, its a hypocrite, eh?

but you gotta get high at least once to realllllly sink into the groove...

*special note: taffyguy is a spelling invalid.
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Thanks Taffyguy. I just hope that I turn some people onto Matt Good rather than hijacking this thread with a huge MP3 debate, which I've seen happen many times before.

And hey, being a hypocrite is fun.
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Thread Starter 
Spiritualized - Let It Come Down
GREAT headphone album.
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Iron Butterfly, self-titled original album ("In A Gadda Da Vida"). Legend has it that the songwriter was trying to say "In the garden of Eden" but due to his altered state, that was what came out.
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First of all, a pre-qual -- I wouldn't know nothing about that. I don't take drugs for entertainment purposes other than caffeine and alcohol (Kahlua!). But I've been accused since way back of having "drugs for blood", because I listen to this kind of music quite a bit. Don't ask me to explain, I don't understand it myself. I grew up in the 70's, that should be enough...

Originally posted by sapphiremodena
Oh, I got one: Spiritualized - Let It Come Down. I haven't heard any of the previous Spiritualized albums, but I've been meaning to for a long while.
I actually like Let It Come Down the least of their albums. Ladies and Gentlemen, We Are Floating in Space, Pure Phase, and Lazer Guided Melodies are all superior albums, but L&GWAFIS is the best. It even came in two special packagings -- one as a huge "pill" in one of those foil packs that you have to pop out (I still have it, un-popped-out), and another even more rare as a bunch of smaller CD's (3"?) in a pill pack. Gorgeous packaging.

They also used to be in a band called Spacemen 3, who did, amongst others, an album called Taking Drugs to Make Music to Take Drugs To, so you're probably right about the motivational part.
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anything by Cheech and Chong!
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ahh, gotta be Primal Scream: Screamadelica. Best drug album of all time.
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with or without drugs, check out these albums:

Coil - Love's Secret Domain ** Probably my favorite electronica album of all time. Amazing. I'm sure most of you here know of this album.... fantastic headphone music.

Meat Beat Manifesto - Subliminal Sandwich

My Bloody Valentine - Loveless

Public Image Ltd. - Second Edition (Metal Box)

Aswad - A New Chapter of Dub (you need some dub in this thread, and this is one the best)

Butthole Surfers - Locust Abortion Technician and Electric Larryland

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Trippy headphone music:

Boards of Canada, Music Has a Right to Children
Brian Eno, Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks
Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon
Nightmares on Wax, Carboot Soul
Mellow, Another Mellow Spring

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Cocteau Twins: Treasure
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Originally posted by millerdog
anything by Cheech and Chong!
"E e e earache my eye!"

[knock on door] who is it?...hey man open up i got the stuff...who's there...it's me dave i got the stuff...who?!?...it's me, dave, open up...dave's not here...
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Coil - Love's Secret Domain
Radiohead - Amnesiac
Godspeed You Black Emperor - F#A#infinity
Aphex Twin - Classics
Autechre - Incunabula
Butthole Surfers - Rembrandt Pussyhorse
Meat Beat Manifesto - Actual Sounds and Voices
The Orb - The Orb's Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld
The Orb - Orblivion
Pink Floyd - Animals
Pink Floyd - Meddle
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Plastikman- "sheet one". i mean come on.... the cd insert IS blotter paper (perforated into hits and all). for that matter, any plastikman album (minimal techno).

anything by amon tobin

big bud- late night blues
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