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The Sennheiser HD280PRO should be added

i vote k1000 and 590 and stax sig and 280pros.
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What about Beyer DT531?
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wow.. i am once again surprised that there others that also think the sr-325 is underated!
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I put in a vote for cd3ks. Not enough people have heard them with a good amp(including me. )
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I'd vote for the AKG K240S: Though it's apparently highly regarded by its owners, there are only ~ four owners on the board yet, as far as I know. So if the K240S is not underrated, it's at least underrepresented. I'd recommend more people to try it, because to my ears it combines many enjoyable virtues of AKG, Beyerdynamic and Grado headphones in a well-designed and not very expensive product - and to my ears it's one of the most neutral headphones on the market, too.

Greetings from Munich!

Manfred / lini
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I voted for the SR 325. When i first got these phones I was blown away and I still feel the same way. In my estimation these phones are much better then the HD580, my previous phone.
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Okay, I've listened to my Sennheiser HD 590's again, and despite me dissing them at least somewhat of late, I now realise that I voted for the 590 as the most underrated headphone that I've heard. And some of the underrating had been done by myself!
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I agree with others about the SR-325. I really miss those for rock music, but I HAD to get rid of them because my ears were always in physical pain from the pads.
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Originally posted by Eagle_Driver
I corrected that entry.
and i voted for it

I still think its cool that we can still pick the MDR-CD1700 up semi-readily in London, for less than half retail price, in perfect, new, boxed condition
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All right...I just voted for the AKG K501...but what about the K240M? A long-tried and long true performer!!

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I voted for the HD580. You can get them used for about $115 from people upgrading to HD600. The HD600 is better but not much at all and if someone is on a tight budget, I think you could do a lot worse than a DIY amp and an HD580. Or maybe you could plug it into a SonicAdventure, PC Corp--that'd be a nice combo for not much money.

I didn't vote for the Signature II because of the American retail price. If the import Japanese price is considered then the Signature II is definitely the most underrated headphone at Head-Fi.
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