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IC: Krell KAV-500i 110volt - greatest bass for K1000! - Page 3

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Discount for whole setup

I'm going to put the discounts right away. These should be cheaper than you can find them anywhere else.

Krell KAV-500i: $1800
AKG K1000 earspeakers: $1200
P300 Power Plant, Euro version, upgraded to MWII and MWII+: $900
3x Solid-tech Feet of Silence: $150
1.5m Statement power cord: $170
Nordost Valhalla power cord + ERS Paper: $420
Oyaide Schuko cryo treated (brand new): $90

Solid-tech Rack of Silence Reference 3, Disc of Silence under every pillar, suspension shelf (for source), wooden plates (to put Feet on): $800

Nordost Valkyrja homemade interconnects from speaker wiring, 27cm with Eichmann Bullets: $130
(My 27cm Valkyrja interconnects can be bent 90 degrees so they can go straight upwards and don't need to curve behind the components. Shorter signal path.)

Review -$730 cheaper

Total: $4930 = 33 715 SEK
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Originally Posted by Honken View Post
Sounds great to me, it sure is a step up from my speakers! But are the 2k per month okay for you (otherwise I'd have to arrange a loan)?

Also, where do you live? I happen to go (by car) to the STHLM area next weekend. If you live anywhere near there maybe I could pick 'em up at the same time?

Also, you wouldn't have MSN or anything? Easier to communicate through that than this forum. :>
I'm not sure if I need to buy anything right now, but maybe in a year, 2k per month is going to take 2 years, let's discuss on MSN Messenger:

I can also show the gear on webcam!
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That's a whole lot of money. But I am willing to pay, but as I can't take a loan myself (I'm a student) I gotta do it through my mum. I'll try to convince her.

Added you on msn btw (erik.holmqvist).

Edit: Also, is it possible to connect other headphones to that amp? I know pretty much nothing about it.
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Price drop

The Krell-KAV500i is still for sale! Worldwide shipping is available now! We will also split the shipping cost!

Price drop to $1750

People offered more than this on the Audiogon auction but I refused. I sell it this low because I need quick cash!
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I will put this on auction soon, I might get more! I will post here where it's on auction, then it's too late to buy for this low price.
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Someone from Sweden wants to pick this up for cheap? Payment plan possible. I will move to other apartment.
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wow, have you seriously been trying to sell this for 2+ years... i get a little antsy after a month...
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Pain in back! Come and get it!

I don't want to sell it anymore for this low price, it is too heavy. When I sold something else, I was in the post office and they don't accept parcels above 20 kg, then I had to go 5 miles to the city, I have pain in my back!

I will have this for pickup only! Unless you want to pay $1000 for Fedex.

Sweden, Stockholm.
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Ok, my back has healed now, I can go to post office again. I have worldwide shipping!
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Give me your price!
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It's on Audiogon now, No reserve auction!! Starting at only $1400! Others sell the same one for $2800!
AudiogoN ForSale: Krell KAV-500i
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OMG! It's FINALLY going to sell now! $1400 has been bid! 5 days left of auction!
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1 day left of auction, I think it will go for $1400. It is crazy for a $5000 retail power amp!

EDIT: Buyer did not pay for over 3 months! I have re-listed the item.
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Do you still own the Krell 500i?
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He is banned.
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