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IC: Krell KAV-500i 110volt - greatest bass for K1000!

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This is the 110 volt version imported from USA a year ago. Looks old but works perfectly! Like other old Krells this doesn't have a 50/60 Hz lock like the newer units do (400xi), which leads to a dramatic improvement if used with a PS Audio Power Plant because you can use MultiWaves.

(For European users: 110 volt amp + Power Plant has 5 times less distortion than 220 volt amp + Power Plant. This is because of the extra output transformer in the Power Plant that changes 110 into 220 volt. If you remove it from the path and use a 110 volt amp you get better sound.)

Brochure: http://www.xs4all.nl/~hansvt/pdf/brochures/KAV500i.pdf
Reviews: http://www.hifichoice.co.uk/archive/...rintreview.htm

Click here to see big picture


Retail UK: £5000
Retail USA: $5000

My price: make an offer!

Included: Remote control with batteries, stock and Hifi-Tuning GOLD fuse.


For K1000 a PS Audio P300 Power Plant is highly recommended with this amp (but it's not enough for big speakers). It is also possible to use the export 220volt Power Plant to output 110volts if you bypass the output transformer, PM me for info...

Wattage draw of Krell KAV-500i 110volt with K1000 with music playing (what it says on Power Plant display)

MultiWave II settings
P-1 = 100-120 watt
P-2 = 140-160 watt
P-3 = 130-140 watt
P-4 = 100-120 watt
TubeWave = 150-170 watt

My favorite setting is P-4 (MWAVE4), it gives faster and more solid bass. TubeWave is also good, it sounds smooth like tubes but with higher resolution and more bass, IMO it's better than tubes in every way.


My 100% feedback: eBay Audiogon Head-Fi
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I could also trade it to Nordost Valhalla or Stealth Indra cable.

Edit: Don't need them anymore, bought them already,

Can trade it to Nordost Valhalla digital RCA and AES/EBU. I want them both if you have.

Edit: Don't need them anymore, bought it already.
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Ok, it's for sale now.
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Can also trade it to Nordost Valkyrja speaker cable. Or Valhalla power cord.

Edit: Don't need them anymore...
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PM me your best offer!
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£1117 for pickup in Sweden. Almost 1/5th of retail.
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I can also sell one of my P300 Power Plants if you need it faster! (I will buy another one later.)

Edit: I don't offer this anymore, I tweaked my P300 to pieces.
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I have boxed it and it's ready to ship. Wow, I can hardly move around in my room with big box in middle. Will put on eBay soon!
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I found a place for it beside my bed. I sleep next to this amp, it's that good!
Anyway, I'm not upgrading to EMM Labs anymore so I don't need to sell this quick anymore.
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BTW. It works in Europe with a step-down voltage converter transformer because it isn't locked to 60Hz like the newer Krells. This saves you $1000 because you don't need to send it to the factory for a voltage conversion.
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Price drop to $2000.
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Price drop to $1900, crazy price.
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I still dream about the bass signature of the Krell, crazy bass. I weighed it and it's almost 26 kg. That explains it why I got fatigue from too heavy bass, it didn't sound neutral. I may just keep this amp if I need some bass "exercise" later. My room is too small to put up a secondary system though.

I'm not going to reduce the price any further, someone sells it for $2400 on Audiogon. I would put higher price than $1900 but I don't want to take advantage.

Modified P300 Power Plant (hybrid voltage)

I may also have a modified hybrid (120 + 230volt output at same time) P300 Power Plant available soon that you can buy for $1500. MultiWaveII and MultiWaveII+, Nordost Vishnu internal wiring surrounded with ERS Paper. It is tweaked for the best sound from this Krell amp, crazy sound. I will include a Statement power cord in the price, Krell amp needs it for the bass.

You also have the option to replace Vishnu internal wiring with Valhalla, but it will cost extra.
You can also choose to replace Statement power cord into a modded Nordost TripleVishnu (9x16awg) which I have optimized for this amp, I liked it more than Valhalla for a while.

Note: I will not sell the P300 if I don't sell the Krell amp first. But if you still want the P300, then the price is as much as it cost me to tweak it (very expensive). P300 + "unlocked Hz" Krell is a match made in heaven because of the MultiWaveII settings, the difference between MultiWaves is bigger than a power cord upgrade.
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