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Which dynamic headphone do you desire the most? - Page 2

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I'm surprised the R-10 isn't mentioned...

CD3000s for me... right now I am planning on going up to a Micro ZH OTL and CD3000s for my main setup, with Etys and Altoids on portable.

Don't know when this is going to happen though, if ever...
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I would have chosen the Alessandro MSP also, but since it's not there, I chose the Grado.

I would use my SR-60 for the portable in the street, coupled with a good set of sealed cans or maybe even a re-tweaked set of Plug'sm
My Alessandro MS-1 in the office,
and the MSP at home, probably coupled with the Ety's for privacy and isolation.
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Hmm...I forgot about the MSP's. I guess I figured those people who wanted those would pick the RS-1s. My bad...

Hey neruda, if you want to add the MSP's to the list, go ahead, or perhaps change "RS-1" to "RS-1/MSP". Hopefully I won't offend anyone by grouping them together

Again, I apologize for leaving some headphones off the lists. The R-10s are just so much more expensive than the rest of the choices I felt it would totally negate the validity of the poll by putting them on. I have a feeling that if I had put them on we would be seeing 50 picks for the R-10s and few for the rest. As it stands, the CD-3000s are winning by a significant margin, which kind of surprises me, as these are the oldest cans in the group (or are the K1000s the oldest?)

Time for dinner. mmm
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Yup, edited.
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Awh, nobody wants the 501s?
They are excellent cans for the money IMHO.
The best thing that I can say about them is that if you want to listen to music for hours then these are your cans. They are very smooth sonicly and very comfy which unfortunately some might confuse with being boring.

Just my 2 cents.
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What do you think of the 501s compared to your other phones (especially the 580s) ?

Although I'm almost sold on the Senns, the 501 still have some kind of magic attraction - I can hardly resist

You have to know, I listen to classical mostly and find the Senns a (tiny little) tad too boomy in the bass, so the 501s would pretty much be it.
Haven't heard them unfortunately, but I'd invest 3 hours driving to get to hear them (already checking out stores ) ...


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Thanks Dan
My first "moderated" post...I feel so special
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I want the etymotic ER-4P because I have several pairs of 888s and compared to either my Senn 580 or Grado RS-2 the 888s sound horrible. (I can't believe I just said that) I need better phones for portable applications and the etys are the only thing this side of Stax that will preform better than the 888s.
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Voyager, for only $20 you should try the Senn MX-500. They are killer for the price. I think that you might like them over the 888's.

Redwood, the 501's are strange in that of all the hifi cans their sound is hard (to me) to describe other than they are very smooth. The bass is not too much but neither is the treble. Their soundstage falls between the grados (225) and 580s. The same goes for the presentation. While the Senns place me in the middle of the orchestra, the 501's upgrade me to about the 3rd row while the grados put me in with the musicians. What the 501s do best than all of them is with small arrangements. It lets you mentally picture all the performers very well. (detail?) Now the larger (and more complicated) the arrangement gets the more I perfer the senns because they seem to keep up more when the music gets complicated. (the 600s are even better in this regard) One more thing to keep in mind is that the 501s are really difficult to drive compared to my other two cans. That is something to consider.

My recommendation is to order the 501s from a place that will let you try them and give you the option to return them if you are not happy. (does headroom ship to canada?) I got mine at a killer price and was going to sell them if I didn't like them. But they are a keeper for me!
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the Senns place me in the middle of the orchestra
you mean the middle of the auditorium, right?

Well, thanks for your help.
I'm willing to fly over the atlantic to audition these!
(Well, I have to anyway, so it's a nice coincidence )

Yeah, Headroom has this really convenient 30-days policy, but unfortunately they charge 25$ per shipment (plus the inevitable Canadian sales tax, brokerage fees maybe, ... )
So this is not an option.

Thanks again, I'm sure I'll find a pair of AKGs soon...


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you mean the middle of the auditorium, right?
Yeah, here we call them orchestra seats.
Its not the same up north?

Here is an example:

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When you wrote 'orchestra' I thought you meant all these well dressed people on stage that happen to play an instrument

Maybe I should go out more often...


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When you wrote 'orchestra' I thought you meant all these well dressed people on stage that happen to play an instrument
That would be where the grados throw me.
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