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Which dynamic headphone do you desire the most?

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I'm just trying to get a feeling for what is most in demand right now in high-end headphones. I know I haven't put down all the popular headphones out there, but I have tried for a good representation of the best each company has to offer. I have not included the sony mdr-1700 and grado hp-x because they're discontinued. I also have not included the sony mdr-r10 because they're so above and beyond the price of any other dynamic headphone that it doesn't seem fair...

So what did I pick? I'm a little ashamed to say...

I'd want the Sony MDR-CD3000. They're closed, they're big, and they look good (from pics). And who knows, they might even sound halfway decent =) I know if I went with another phone, I would want something quite different from my ety's, which are IMO the ultimate dynamic phone (although I have yet to hear the k1000, which might very well change my mind)

And so, there you have it.
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Etys - ultimate dynamic headphone?

Well, perhaps if detail is the goal. And accuracy.

But if soundstage is what you care about - the K1000s would be like comparing a mini-system to a good 5.1 setup.....

Personally, I want the Grado RS-1. Yes.....the RS-1.

I want to be in the music - not on the stage. And from what I've read, I think THAT is the main difference between the Reference Series Grados and their cheaper counterparts.

So....RS-1 is my dream....
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Since I couldn't vote for the HP-1's or MS Pro's I voted for the K1000's since I could probably run them off my new McCormack MID when it gets here. The idea of ear speakers is very intriguing to me at this point.
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I can't choose Ety's and DT931, so I would choose AllesGrado MSP...but ....its not up there!

AKG K1000 - appealing, but afraid about the bass performance, and perhaps exaggerated soundstage(I admit its a K501 based fear). Also whats up with the orange strap...the MSP is gorgeous however.

After MSP, it'd be ummmm, either Sony CD3000 or AKG K1000.

coolvij: Ety's are more than details or accuracy. I do prefer the sound to 3 headphones I've had/have in the above list. Accuracy only gets a bad rap when you listen to over-analytical phones, in which Ety's aren't.

The list is also missing Beyer DT990 Pro which is also a favorite of some and another one I'd definitely want to try.
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i already have my dream headphones, and i'm wearing them right now! (cd1700).
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I like to have dreams that aren't impossible to fulfill.

That's why I chose the Ety's.
Probably my 3rd next headphone purchase

Still pretty expensive though...


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Tough call between the RS-1 and the CD3000, but I have to go w/ the CD3000, simply because I think I'd like their fit better. Although if the MS-Pros were up here... decisions, decisions...
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I can't choose the HD-600s, the CD-3000s, or the RS-1. I've heard the 501s and the Beyers and was not impressed. I couldn't listen to the Etys because I couldn't get them into my ear canal. I can't get past the looks of the AKG 1000s. So what do I desire? Actually, I would like to spend some more time with the 501s because I'd like to see how they compare to my K340s. I'd also like to get the Sony MDR-F1s, mainly because of their comfort and looks, but also because of the design. And I'd really like to get the Sony R-10s at a decent price.........but I don't know if I could spend that much money on one set of 'phones...........but if the price was right........
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I'd have to pick the AKG 1000s...since they're the last good dynamic headphone I haven't heard yet.
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From that list it would be the RS-1. I would also like to hear and compare them to the MSP.

Who knows, maybe even a CD3000 if I ever find them for a good price.

But, I won't be getting any new headphones anytime soon.
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I didn't see the MSP so I picked the RS-1s. I really like the grado sound and would like to try the best.
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Ugh...I haven't heard any of these.

HD600: I haven't been too impressed with the Senn 565 (my friends') or the 570 (demo). But if the difference in sound between the 600 and the 565/570 is quite large...

RS-1: I can only describe a Grado sound from the many posts here and elsewhere...

Etys: I might buy these in the near future...

AKG 501: I have heard that they sound a bit bright...

AKG K1000: They might sound wonderful, but my they are too open for my tastes... And they don't look very stylish either...

Beyer DT931: I don't know much about these other than they are very analytical.

Sony CD3000: This is what I choose...because they supposedly sound inbetween a Senn 600 and Grado -- so you the best of both phones. And they look well built and comfy. Only if they were below $300US would I consider buying them.
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BTW...does anyone know whats up with Pana/Technics DVD-A Headphones that supposedly has those silk 100khz tweeters? I mean thats been vaporware for the longest time and I also thought its actually being sold already, yet theres absolute ZERO mention of it. Actually its not even vaporware because there are pictures of it...and people do say its being sold...so I don't know what the deal is...

It's probably the ONLY phone that actually a new-born while all those listed are pretty old.
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I'm not voting 'cause the only headphones I want to hear right now are the Sony R10's. I think I could be happy with those...
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wow, the CD3000's are really popular...
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