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Please reread the first post, since I've changed it to make it more specific, and hopefully more helpful for those who may advise me.

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Buy it, buy it. (the v6)

THEN, plan our next purchase
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Audio Technica.

listening to Shannon, "Let the Music Play"
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I like the V6, and the only reason I don't have it yet is because I got the ER-4P the other day. I won't have both, because it's just too much money (in addition to the D-25s I should be getting any day now). So far, the ER-4P is good, but not $276 good, if there is such a thing for me. Maybe I'd do better returning them and getting a V6 and an amp? That could work, esp. if the V6 opens up nicely with an amp.

BTW, some people like the 250-80 for a portable set of 'phones that have really good, tight bass...does it compare with that of V6's? What about the D66 Eggos? Or the DT 990 Pro? As for Audio Technica, which are the best for me? W100s? I'll do some (more) searches as well.

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imho, u really should burn ur ety's in for at least another whole 10~20+ hours before u make ur final judgement, if not more. for my pair, the frequencies seemed to smooth out and extend a bit on both ends when i did a comparison between brand new etys and etys after playing a whole day straight of pink noise. the sound became much more involving...

the ety's are not my reference phones... i use my staxes, which imho present a more transparent, realistic, and faithful rendition of the music with a flat frequency response. the ety's, in comparison with the staxes, seem to give me an eensy bit of that grado sound, ie, little bit of extra strength in the mid to upper mid-ranges. it seems like u enjoy this in ur music (i don't really... :| ...), so i see no reason why not to go with etys. also, as for soundstage, imo the etys will give u the soundstage of a pair of $130 open phones. soundstage is present, but it sure ain't vast or anything. it is incredible that it has soundstage to speak of tho, as an ear canal phone: the only canal-phones i've heard that exceed the ety's for soundstage are the stax-001's...

as for bass in etys, for me, bass seemed to firm up a tad after burn-in. however, never was the bass in the ety's particularly powerful. joelongwood still puts it best: the bass is heard, not felt. like, a live gig, bass drum kicks are usually not heard over the rest of the music, but they're present, and u feel them driving the music. with etys tho, u hear it, and it drives the music too, but it's just... different. to be fair, few headphones (and not even too many sub-$1000 speakers) will give u that "felt" bass... surprisingly, i find that now with my upgraded source, my staxes give me good bass... but i digress.

in conclusion, i say burn ur etys in longer. ur return thingie doesn't expire for another month... keep em as long as u can!
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Thanks, taipei, I intend to wait it out, since there's no reason not to. And I'm definitely not disappointed with the Ety's bass response. Maybe I'll do a comparison with the V6, if I should ever own them at the same time.
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