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I sold a zhaolu DAC to chimpie, transaction was very smooth, paid fast and was very friendly,even though I had to make him wait a little for shipping.
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Chimpie bought one of my combos (Turbodock III and Mini cable). A pleasure to do business with. Fast payment. Excellent communication. A true head-fi asset. Recommended buyer! A++++ Thanks man.

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Chimpie bought my HF-1. What a pleasure it was to deal with him! Very nice, great communication, and fast payment. I am so glad the HF-1 is going to a "good home," and seeing above that you got the Zhaolu, I'd gesture to say it will be a nice combination, even out of the Zhaolu headphone stage.

Good luck with it, ENJOY it, and thanks for a nice and easy deal.
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sold him a pair of sr60s...
everything went just perfect..
a great person to deal with~!!
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Hon-Cheung bought a pair of E4c's from me. A flawless transaction and a helluva nice guy that I wouldn't hesitate to do business with again.
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Smooth transaction with a really nice head-fier.

Reliable and trustworthy.
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I bought a Zhaolu from Hon-Cheung. He was nice enough to take a different train so he could drop it off locally. Great communication and easy to deal with. Highly recommended. Thanks Hon-Cheung!
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I bough a RSA The Hornet from Hon.
Great communication throughout the whole process. The Hornet was in excellent condition, just like he promised.
He even used a faster and more expensive shipping that I paid for.

Highly recommended!
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Bought an ATH-A900ltd from chimpie. Very friendly, fast shipping, great transaction!

Would definately buy again
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Sold a pair of Beyer DT770s to Chimpie - payment was extremely quick, and he didn't having to wait a day or two before I could get to the post office. Would definitely trade again.
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Sold a Nad cd player and Zhaolu to Chimpie. Met face to face and stole some of his time listening to his HF-1. Great guy!
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a very pleasant person to do business with. overall, an excellent buyer. i sold him my hd650s.
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Sold Chimpie my AKG K-701s, very pleasant buyer and very quick on payment. Would definitely do business with again.
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Great buyer, good communication, fast payment, will do business with Chimpie again. .
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I bought his Little DOT III+.

Nice doing business, good and fast comms. very polite and nice gentlemen.
Recommended A+++++ status.

Thanks again Hans.
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