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Hi All,

I came to Head-Fi and Headwize via some very active DIY guitar effects sites. There is tons of good information for people new to DIY on some of the various member's sites that I thought you newbies <like me > might want to check out.

Aron Nelson's Stompbox Page has a lot of great info for the beginner. In particular have a look the beginner's guide, answers to common questions, and also how to build stuff on perf board.

R.G. Keen's GEOFEX is home to some great designs as well as The Secret Life of Pots, Prototyping Tips, and a new book he's written that will guide you through the mysteries of PCB layout and construction.

Keep in mind that the projects shown on the stompbox pages are not Hi-Fi. Distortion is not only expected, it's encouraged! The information presented, however, is relevent to all DIY'ers!

Happy Reading!