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I've been wearing my MS1 and Sony 7506 to sleep for the last couple of months and I am supprised how sturdy the Sony are. I am a bit concern about the MS1 because they look so fragile.

I think I will get some EX-70 because they provide isolation and I think i can sleep on my side with them on (which is not a possibility with the other two phones i have).

The funny thing is, somedays I would wake up and find my phones had been nicely put away (even disconnected from the cdp too) and I won't recall doing such a thing. its weird.
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Personally, I would never ever use my Etys in bed at night. I once had a single person yank one out of my ear , and I never ever want that feeling again, I guess that person neither, and as I tend to move in my sleep.. no thank you. I would also fear to damage the plugs or my eardrums by lying on them, and being in Europe repair might become a hassle, And the cable is way too short. And...

I use my HD520IIs in bed (still had no chance to go HD600 ), and I tend to loose them overnight, or wake up once the music stops and put them off. Woke up a few days ago with the phones still on though - amazing! The massive cups must have kept my body from moving...

If you are afraid of drop-damage, well, why don't you just put something cushy on the floor? It also helps to bring the bed itself closer to the floor, check http://www.sevylor.com/
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I really think for sleep nothing beats speakers. I turn the bass up and the treble down a notch and I just fall right alsleep.

I often lay on my bed with my HD580s on, but I have never falled asleep with them on because I sleep on my side. V6s hurt my ears too much to fall asleep with them on.
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I also think the sony e888s would be quite nice for falling asleep to but as long as you dont have to worry about waking someone up, I agree with CaptBubba that speakers are much better for this application. Infact I like speakers better for when ever im doing something active besides listening to music.
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I go to sleep with my 580s, but I don't fall asleep with them. Too afraid.
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It seems we are share a common sydrome, over protective of our headphones.

I think most full size headphones are too easy to break and somewhat uncomfortable (for me at least). So I will go with in-ear phones from sony (because they are cheaper ). Will l have any problems from sudden removal of the phones or damage my eardrums? Many have cautioned about the Ety and I certainly do not want that to happen to me.

By the way, I just woke up 10 mins ago and I didn't find my phones in an unusual place because I was listening to speakers last nite. But my table drawer was pulled open when i woke up. I have not idea why!! This is starting to creep me out. Do I sleep walk????
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I use Ety's for listening in bed. I'll admit that turning one's head sideways with those things in can be like getting an icepick in the ear, but the good sound with no leakage makes them great for late night use IMO.

The pain has been a bit like aversion therapy, so now I either remain facing up, or subconsciously put my arm out as a headrest before turning over on them. Sometime during the night, I'll unconsciously pull them out (though I never remember doing so). The thing I'm most worried about is getting tangled up in the ER4 cable and pulling my PCDP off the nightstand while sleeping.

I've got a Fixup enhancement cable on order. The wires come down at a right angle from the tranducers rather than sticking out like pigtails. Supposedly, this makes the Ety's more comfy for bed use.
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Personally, I find the mx500 to be fairly comfortable, even if I lay on my side, and if they break, it's only $20 or so.
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