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Lookingf for some phones to wear while I sleep

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I don't know if it is just me or do some of you enjoy listening to music with your eyes closed while lying in your bed and drifting to sleep.

I do that every night but always waking in terror the next morning to find my phones were thrown three feet from my bed lying helplessly on the floor.

They aren't even that comfortable to wear to sleep anyway because of their size and the restriction to move your head without crushing either side of the drivers (maybe that's why i throw away everynight after i got into my deep sleep )).

So what do you suggest to wear to sleep? Or should I quit this habbit of mine and save my phones from being destroyed with my very own hands.
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HI: koss-35
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Years ago I used to use a pair of Jensen headphones to listen to LPs while I drifted off to sleep each night. They were very comfortable and streamlined, with thin earcups. This made it possible to wear in bed without that two boulders tied to your ears feeling.

They looked very similar to the Beyerdynamic DT250. It's hard to tell exactly how thick the cups are in the picture at Meier Audio, but that's the kind of headphone I would be looking for. Something with thin cups.
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i fell asleep one night... well many nights with my ex70s and have waken up in the morning with them still in...

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etys are a bad choice. roll onto your side and you'll lodge that thing straight into your brain.

i go to sleep with my HD600's... which is probably a big contributor to why they have to go into the shop (need to bring my ass to the post office)

v6 isn't bad. they're not all that sturdy, but you probably won't do any damage a little superglue can't fix (been there)

hmm. when i slept with my ex70s they put me to sleep like a light too. phones are great for sleepin' but sealed phones are the best. maybe thats a good excuse for me to buy more sealed phones, since i'd never risk the ety's

good luck...
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I bought some sennheiser mx400s for exactially that purpose last year since I like to sleep on my side. They worked well but the cord was kinda short so if I rolled around my iPod ended up on the floor or behind the bed or somewhere hidden in the blankets.
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The DT250 is actually very very slim. With the pads removed each cup is about 3/4 inch wide. I like sleeping with it myself.

The only problem is that I sometimes get a disturbing claustrophobic feeling when listening to an isolating headphone in a silent environment.

I think it's because the reflection of the sound of your breath is taken away. You don't really notice it when it's there, but it can feel odd when it's gone. (I'm not making this up, some blind people use this room ambience to estimate what size of room they are in)
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I must've fallen asleep last night with my earbuds on, because when I stood up the this morning, I was suprised to find them draped around my neck with my MP3 player hanging down from them

Unfortunately, my LCD screen all screwed up now...I think I rolled onto my MP3 player while sleeping.
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er4 ?
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Perhaps if you mounted a pair of AKG K-1000's on your headboard a little bit above your head you could get a desireable effect.
But seriousely, I would immagine that the in ear "cup" variety would be the best desighn for sleeping in. As to wich ones, I'm sure most anyone else here would be more qualified to make suggestions, however, I understand that sennhieser makes a few that should be pretty good. If they have the laid back quality that people talk about with other senn cans, they might be pretty pleasant to fall asleep to as well.
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I usually only listen to headphones at night and I sometimes fall asleep with them on. For me its worth the risk to listen to the RS-1 goodness since I tend to move very little when sleeping..

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From my first hand experience, I would suggest the Sennheiser HD580. They are very comfortable and they will make you fall in sleep in a short time. But prepare to replace the stock cable very soon.

I once put them on and listened to Nirvana and felt in sleep. My friend had to lift the bed to wake me up.
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If price isn't an issue here & your after some indestructable headphones I'd go for the Sennheiser HD 25's, you'll have a tough time breaking these. But I have to say they migh not be the most comfortable thing to wear to bed seeing as they have such a tigh fitting for isolation.
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Definitely Sony EX-70 for sleeping in, very comfortable!

I can lie on my side and not even feel them, but don't be surprised if you wake up with the cord wrapped 3 times around your neck!
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