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Welcome to the Music forum. The purpose of this forum is for Head-Fi'ers to discuss... well, music Ultimately, that's why we're here, right?

The main rule of the music forum is to remember that everyone's music preferences are different. People are going to discuss stuff you love, and people are going to discuss stuff you hate. If you don't like a particular type of music being discussed, avoid the thread. Posting a reply to a music thread for no other reason than to say "{music type} sucks!" is considered thread crapping. Don't do it. Posting to a thread about an artist for no other reason than to say "{artist name} is a talent-less jerk" is thread-crapping. Don't do it.

(Of course there are times when criticizing an artist or a music type are appropriate. That's part of discussion. You can even feel free to start new threads about how much you think a certain music type or artist sucks However, it should be pretty clear when you're "crapping" and when you're not.)

That's it; enjoy!