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FallenAngel sold me a SOHA, cut me a great deal on that, and threw in a Cmoy kit, supplies to make a 3.5-RCA, outstanding. Probably saved me $100 if i would have went with somebody else. Highly, highly, highly reccommended.
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Pavel made me a custom Alien DAC, needless to say the best transaction I have done on Head-Fi ! Really informative replies, fast shipping, helpful.

I'm really glad I did business with him! Wouldn't hesitate again if I had to deal with him again.

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I traded some op-amp chips to FallenAngel for a pair of ICs. He was extremely friendly and very prompt in answering my questions. Simply the best.
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Bought a pair of Beyer DT770-80 from him. Extremely nice guy. Would definitely buy from again.
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Couldn't have been an easier transaction. I bought a pair of Sennheiser HD600 from Fallenangel, and he delivered them to me. Communication was excellent throughout.

I would definitely do business with him again.

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Fallenangel bought a pair of HD650s off me, the payment was prompt and other than a few bumps in shipping through customs, it went well. Would do business with again.
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Second transaction with Fallen angel. He made me a beautiful silver interconnect and transaction was great, just like the first time.

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I bought a nice rca-rca cable that Fallen Angel made. It was a great deal and a great cable. I would highly recommend his work.
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Traded some Canare stuffs for 2 sets of CMoy parts & SPC to recable my KSC75's. Awesome communication! Fast & Cheep shipping!
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i picked up a great sounding SOHA, mini-mini cable, RCA-RCA cable after trying a few of his amps over a pint in a pub, absolute a delight to deal with.

extremely knowledgeable and great asset on head-fi, highly recommended.
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FallenAngel helped me with my PIMETA in my "PIMETA - No Bass" thread. We figured out that I got the wrong ICs, so he was generous enough to send me 5 valued around $50 for free. I don't know what he originally had planned, but I PMed him after some nervous waiting at the mailbox and he told me he'd send me a few extras to make up for the delay. Stand up guy.

I was very impressed by the way he packaged it. ICs stuck into a piece of static-free foam covered with another piece of foam taped securely together, all of which was put into a bubbly envelope. No risks taken at all. Arrived when he said they would, and I am very pleased with what I have. Thank you, FallenAngel.
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I sold FallenAngel a pair of SR225s. fast payment, easy to deal with, good communication and prompt feedback. Nothin but good things to say about him.
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I bought a maxed out AlienDAC with internal Tread regulator and AuriCaps, MisterX XP amp, and a power supply from FallenAngel. He was very helpful in explaining my options to me (a newcomer to the audiophile world) and customizing my order to suit my needs.

He was very communicative and prompt. Excellent build quality and packaging. Would absolutely order from him again.
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Sold him a set of Mylar X3 earphones. Paid fast and had quick communication.

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Bought Pavel's pure silver over cotton RCA-RCA ICs. Very fast shipment. Excellent communication. Highly recommended.
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